The Sleepers Awaken

Fuck. You. Money.

So where is all the money?

Remember that asshole in high school, that guy who had a trust fund and drove a brand new Mustang (before Mustangs got cool again)? The guy who didn’t even pay attention to politics because he was too busy getting invited to parties with other rich kids? That guy has your money. Now he works for a financial institution or HMO making more money in a year than you’ll see in a decade. He buys off the politicians. He outsources jobs. He gets the inheritance of the billionaire who left all his money to his daughter.

He is money, and you are not.

Thank god.

Fuck that kind of money. Do you think Larry Page and Sergey Brin started Google to become that guy? Hell no! They are Gen X. THEY are US. We have more potential between our ears than the people in power could ever dream of. Because they are vampires. Just look at Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor. Vampires. Fuck those guys, and everything they stand for.

Now, if we can get several million more people to think just like that, there’d be some real hope for the future.


Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #369: Suicides
Fuck Your Money



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3 responses to “The Sleepers Awaken

  1. Nice one. I liked this passage too:

    “We are a critical part of the system and it seems to me that if the system sees no need for us, then maybe they can try living without us. If we reserve our talents for ourselves, the irony is that they’ll pay us more to be us. We are the ones selling ourselves short!”

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