Doctor Who: The God Complex

No story spoilers ahead.

I was going to run two other images, non-spoiler images, but they’d distract from what I want to say about this episode.

This episode is exactly what I expect from top-notch British television. My god! Whithouse was channeling The Avengers here. This was like the 1960s brought back to life. The score was even like one by Laurie Johnson!


This is up there with the best of Davies and Moffat for the series.

Two incredible episodes one after the other. That’s what I’ve always expected from Doctor Who.



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6 responses to “Doctor Who: The God Complex

  1. I haven’t been able to watch Dr. Who regularly since Colin Baker. Sounds like I must do something about that.

  2. Jason S.

    I can’t believe the last two episodes were directed by Nick Hurran. The last time Nick Hurran directed a TV series, everyone wanted him burned at the stake.

    • mikecane

      Would that have been the AMC Prisoner abomination? I did Wikipedia him while doing the post and was shocked he was involved in that craptastic series. His direction of this Who and the other were both splendid.

  3. Kelly

    I miss David Tennant’s spirit. He was probably my favorite Doctor, because he had a little bit of the mad Tom Baker about him. I love Rory, but barely tolerate Amy. (I’m glad she waited, but I still can’t quite warm to her.)

    That being said, the scripts have never been better than with Moffatt. No Daleks in Manhattan in the lot. I’ve been really impressed.

    • mikecane

      Aw, I like Amy. And it took me a while to like Rory. Smith as the Doctor I got right away, from the promos. He’s good at reminding us he’s really ancient underneath that exterior. I’m not looking forward to a reduced next season. Didn’t like the splitting of this season, either. Avanti! And Geronimo!

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