The Reluctant Guardian Angel

I saw this very odd program today.

Apparently it just debuted this week. So I haven’t, um, missed anything.

This series purports to recreate the stories of people who claimed to have had their lives saved by angels.

OK, be skeptical. Yet I’ve already recounted something like in this a prior post, A Tale Of Three Gods.

What gave me pause in my skepticism was that this debut episode dealt with three survivors of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

I don’t think any of those people would be out to look for celebrity status on a TV program. Nor do I think they would be inclined to make shit up.

I’m not going to pass judgment on these people or the program. But it did get me to wondering.

I’ve been near death more than once in my life. I never experienced any of the things some other people claim to have gone through: a tunnel of light, a being of light, etc. Nor have I ever heard a voice summoning me back to life. (If anything, the opposite; which I’ll save for a deathbed post, perhaps. Do not ask in the interim.)

When Saul had his encounter with God on the road to Damascus, it totally changed his existence from that point on.

And, see, this is where I would wind up being a pain in the ass to any angel sent to save me.

I’d ask:

1) Why me?

2) Why not someone else?

3) What’s the catch?

4) And if there is no catch, then what the hell is the point?

5) And why now? Where the hell were you earlier?

6) And why only my life in extremis, why not some smoothing over of the shit I’ve been put through prior to this?

Yeah, see. I don’t think any angel would be sent to save my life. I’d give them a cross-examination before accepting.

Then I’d probably wind up wanting to start a damned cult.

Let my end come quickly.


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5 responses to “The Reluctant Guardian Angel

  1. November

    Met you on twitter tonight. You’re a mouthbreathing idiot.

    • mikecane

      Since you didn’t deign to use your Twitter handle here, I can’t tell which drooling imbecile of the lot you were. Keep voting according to party, moron. Then wonder why there’s never ever any fucking actual change. In fact, do us all a favor, STOP voting. You just don’t deserve that vote.

  2. Crapster

    Don’t miss out on today’s Woot. I know you have been wanting one.

  3. Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Forget it.

  4. And curiously, the atheist SF writer J. Neil Schulman found God – literally, he claims. God merged with him and he saw life through God’s eyes. So a pit-bull atheist became a believer:

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