Operation Occupy Wall Street: Day Two Photos

All photos taken today, Sunday September 18, 2001, between 7:30-8:30AM. Resampled down to VGA, click any to enlarge.

Baal is still being protected. A bunch of Chinese tourists — our future masters, thank you fellow American imbeciles and pigs — didn’t seem to mind that.

The entire stock exchange area has been cordoned off with general one-block buffer, which extends to several blocks when on Wall Street itself, going south.

There’s no occupation, period. None.

Aside from the barricades put up by the police (barricades were usually installed by the protesters in French history; you’re doin’ it wrong, America!), was there any evidence of any protest at all?

Yes. In this little patch of concrete in front of what was the U.S. Custom House.

And what did they have to say for themselves? Let’s see:

Someone on Twitter yesterday had the delusional audacity to hashtag this #AmericanAutumn, to grab onto the coattails of the real change that happened in the mid-east this year.

Those people did not scribble out their discontent in children’s chalk. They did it in their own blood.

What happened yesterday change anything?

Grow the fuck up.

That was no protest.

As far as I’m concerned, it should be called the “Wall Street Is Mean To Us So Let’s Go Pout At It Tourist Festival.”



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9 responses to “Operation Occupy Wall Street: Day Two Photos

  1. Thanks for the photos. Sorry you had to risk your life to get them.

    • mikecane

      It turns out they gathered at a park I didn’t go near today — 1 block from WTC. From what I have seen on live video, I doubt there are 100 of them left.

  2. It does seem rather pathetic. That probably explains why I had such a hard time finding news about it yesterday, too.

  3. Have you seen this?

    It explains the cause of the coming depression and the breathtaking swindle that is fractional reserve banking. The same applies here in the UK, in the Eurozone, and in most other developed countries as well. In fact, fractional reserve banking was a British invention, to our eternal shame.

    • mikecane

      Just the title alone makes me wonder if it’s based on classic anti-banking thinking where “Oz” is shorthand for “ounce” — as in gold. And the Wizard of Oz story is claimed to be an anti-banker screed.

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