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How To Protest In New York City

First of all, recognize that you are going up against the NYPD.

The NYPD mainly doesn’t live in New York City. They come from Long Island. They hate New York City. And they basically act like any occupying army does. And they hate protests. Although a protest can generate overtime, it keeps them away from their families and upsets their schedules. You are not a “duty calls” emergency. You are an annoyance. So they have even more reason to hate your ass.

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Windows XP SP2 And Sony Reader For PC

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Despite the System Requirement of Windows XP SP3, I took a chance and downloaded and installed the new Reader for PC software anyway.

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How A Revolution Begins

And this is NYPD exercising “restraint.”

Notice the knees on the backs and the necks. Their full weight is being brought down.

Thugs with badges and guns.

They don’t exist to protect you.

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Amazon’s Final Move To Win It All


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The webOS Layoffs Begin

HP Cutting 500 Jobs at webOS Division‎ (Updated)

This is happening almost as I stated:

Within a month, I expect the entire webOS team to be pinkslipped. There is no valid reason to continue that expense. It’s worth more as a total Palm patent portfolio.

That was written on August 18th. Here we are on September 20th.

I don’t think Palm had a staggering five hundred people assigned just to hardware. Some software people must be included in that.

More will be let go thirty days from now.

I thought Google+ was a disaster. What HP did to webOS is just about unprecedented.

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“Google+ Is Dead”

Google+: Social Media Upstart ‘Worse Than a Ghost Town’

I am writing to second Tassi’s declaration: Google+ is dead. At worst, in the coming months, it will literally fade away to nothing or exist as Internet plankton. At best, it will be to social networking what Microsoft’s Bing is to online search: perfectly adequate; fun to stumble onto once in awhile; and completely irrelevant to the mainstream web.

Google thought they could fight the Internet.

Schnell! You will categorize people!

Raus! Show us your papers and your Real Name!

And then there was their Nice Police.

It was a fuck-up from the start. I left a while ago and haven’t missed it one bit.

The Internet always wins. Always.

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