HP In Total Disarray = Hope For webOS?

HP Board Said to Weigh Ousting Apotheker as CEO

How I wish!

But what would it really mean for webOS?

Let’s say Meg Whitman is installed and decides to reverse the disastrous webOS decision of Apotheker.

People are still waiting for the final — illusory? — batch of $99 HP TouchPads.

Would they still buy it if it came back at a higher price?

And what about the TouchPad Go? Would she at least decide to manufacture the 100,000 or so waiting for assembly? And how price competitive could those be against an upcoming Amazon tablet? Lenovo has a $249 7″ Android tablet due to appear in the U.S. soon (the 8GB $199 model is not for the U.S.).

With the Palm hardware division now gone, who’s left to design hardware?

I don’t know what other tablets might be out there that are Snapdragon-based. Would it be possible for HP to license some hardware, slap the HP brand on it, and slap webOS inside it? A temporary measure to keep things going while they go into hardware redesign overdrive.

I’m not even going to mention the Veer and Pre 3. They’ve got their hands full just reviving a tablet, never mind trying to again convince carriers that this time they’re serious. I think they should bail on cellphones for a while and concentrate on tablets.

Should they come back, they better take an entirely different marketing and advertising tack.

Should Apotheker be thrown out and Whitman installed, grab the popcorn! Her statement will probably top the one made earlier this week by Reed Hastings of Netflix!

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