Occupy Wall Street: Day Six Photos

All photos taken today, Thursday, September 22, 2011 at Liberty Plaza between 7-7:30AM and at Wall Street area 7:30-8AM. Resampled down to VGA, click any to enlarge.

Have you see any mainstream coverage of it beyond a passing clip or soundbite? You probably think it’s all over.

It’s not.

It’s ironic that when I got home, this was the Drudge headline when I signed on:

Why do you think your 401K is evaporating to a 1K? Why do you think your pension funds are being raped? Wake up! There’s the answer!

I’m going to post the photos in the order I took them.

The bullshit of protecting Baal the bull continues:

Do you think the NYPD would ever expend such resources for you if you were being stalked by a crazed ex-husband or lover who had a tendency to ignore Restraining Orders? Hell no! Your life isn’t worth shit compared to Baal!

The full-on blockade is still in effect on certain streets branching off Broadway. Raus! Show your papers for entry!

Getting to Liberty Park, I was just stunned:

“We’re still here,” he said to me.

And they are:

With the NYPD just licking its chops, waiting for a chance to beat down the young and unarmed.

Then I wanted to see how close I could get to the Stock Exchange.

Still blocked off a block north. But going east one block and then south one block and then turning west again:

Holy shit! It looks blocked but you can walk down it without being asked for papers!

The Federal Building is still behind barricades …

… but BAM! There I am, right across from the Stock Exchange! And yes, that Duane Reade exit was open again too.

There I am walking towards Broadway, past the Exchange workers busy showing their papers.

Now out on Broadway — being allowed to exit freely, without any papers being demanded — turning back to shoot towards the Exchange.

Heading back, Baal is still having its bullshit guarded.

How many people were there? I couldn’t even begin to count. Those are all people under those blue tarps. Impossible to know how many are hidden beneath each one. They slept out in the open, in last night’s rain, and will have to deal with rain today and tomorrow too.

I’d like to know why the hell they can’t protest near the Exchange itself. Aren’t those sidewalks all public? Who the hell is doing this to them — and to us?

Previously here:

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5 responses to “Occupy Wall Street: Day Six Photos

  1. Thank you for this! I was afraid nothing would happen. Glad to see these photos…

  2. Nice to see these pictures. It’s somewhat surprising that authorities are paying so much attention to this, but no one else seems to be.

    There has only been a smattering of news here in France and Switzerland, but that’s not surprising given the turnout. This article (Google Translate version) from last Sunday’s 20 Minutes is one of the more detailed reports. 20 Minutes is a free newspaper that is widely read by the younger generation here in French-speaking Switzerland. Most of the articles are no longer than a few paragraphs, but the content is usually quite good. I don’t think I’ve heard anything about this on TV or radio here, but I don’t spend much time with them.

  3. What the hell is that bull made of? Gold? I think a nice symbolism would be to awake some morning to a dayglo orange bull.

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