Thanks For Nothing, HP & Meg Whitman!

Just got through listening to the HP Investor Relations conference call.

Cutting through all the bullshit, it’s this:

1) Leo was not liked. Meg is liked.

2) We are still buying Autonomy

3) webOS is still dead

4) Holy shit we have to stop this bleeding of our large customers from our PC business!!

Let’s be clear here: What Leo started, they will continue.

There was no repudiation of his direction or of any of his big decisions. They repeated that more than twice.

Should Meg Whitman decide to actually do something with webOS, it will happen too damn late now. No one will care by then.

No one will especially give a shit after Amazon announces its tablet.

Forget the TouchPad coming back, forget about hoping for those 100,000 TouchPad Go units being built. It’s all over now.

The overall attitude was that Leo’s “strategy” is for a grown-up business. And webOS is a business for children.

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