Sony Reader WiFi: New Clues To Android

Interesting Twitter exchange I had today with @hadrien, who runs Feedbooks:!/mikecane/status/117021840798519296!/mikecane/status/117327282527420416!/mikecane/status/117332742022238208

Even if we all find out that the new Sony Reader WiFi is Android underneath, it will remain up to the Android wizards to:

1) Discover if it can be rooted
2) Root it
3) Try software on it
4) Distribute a rooting method we mortals can use

I am particularly eager to find out if Graffiti for Android can work on it after rooting. That software cannot be used on the Nook Touch because the software is English-only and offers no options for alternate keyboards, as I believe the international-language Sony does.


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3 responses to “Sony Reader WiFi: New Clues To Android

  1. viktorz

    There is sort of manual (draft?) on the FCC site, and it has a screenshot of UI that has an Andoid logo in the top left corner:

  2. I’m actually considering this over the Nook Touch/current Kindle reader. I like the idea of being able to jot down notes on whatever I’m reading with the included stylus. I just hope it handles PDF files well. That alone will make or break this thing (for me, anyway).

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