Occupy Wall Street: Sunday, September 25, 2011

All photos taken today, Sunday September 25, 2011, between 7:30-8AM. Resampled down to VGA. Click any to enlarge.

This is my favorite sign today:

Whoever did that has a keen understanding of the future and should be heeded!

Now, the rest of the photos in the order in which they were taken.

The protection of Baal continues:

How does it feel to live in a nation where a statue of an animal is safer than you?

Approaching Liberty Plaza (fuck Zuccotti, whoever he or she is; New Yorkers will always call it Liberty Plaza):

At least Eyewitness News showed up. Likely to follow-up on the report they did last night about Union Square.

The rest are a mixture of placards and the park:

Dig this. I thought it might be part of the flier that was handed out:

I didn’t have Macro on, so it’s blurry. But this is the text:

Zuccotti Park is a privately owned space designed and intended for your use and enjoyment for passive recreation and as a public space.

For the safety and enjoyment of everyone the following types of behavior are prohibited in Zuccotti Park.



I had more photos. Ones showing the protesters sleeping, to show what they’ve been going through. But something screwed up in transferring them from SD. And I didn’t check before I formatted the card to delete them. Next time I will double check.

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  1. It’s very interesting to see these photos. I wouldn’t have known if anything was still happening if it wasn’t for your posts.

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