When Did Europe Become Stupid?

Greek default would destroy faith in Europe: Merkel

“What we can’t do is destroy the confidence of all investors mid-course and get a situation where they say that if we’ve done it for Greece, we will also do it for Spain, for Belgium, or any other country. Then not a single person would put their money in Europe anymore.”

Plan B: Flood the markets

The message was clear. The next six weeks could decide the fate of the world.

IMF to increase resources to more than $1 trillion: report

The International Monetary Fund may be hoping to increase its financial resources from $940 billion to at least $1.3 trillion, according to a newspaper report out Monday.

This is like someone who keeps contracting clap by screwing one whore over and over and can’t figure out why his disease won’t go away after each treatment!

The American Neocon agenda has been to ensure that no other superpower can rise up to challenge or replace the United States.

Isn’t it interesting how 2008 began with Europe denouncing the ways of America and three years later that fraud Geithner is berating Europe?

None of this is an accident.

The entire game has been rigged.

The only way to exit the game is to quit it.

Quit screwing that prostitute and your clap can be cured.

If Europe will stop playing this game, the United States will have to follow its lead.


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2 responses to “When Did Europe Become Stupid?

  1. This is the same continent that has been wracked by war and dominated by dictators for centuries. I don’t think you have to ask that question. I mean Greece, for example, was under military rule until 1974.

    • mikecane

      OK, so maybe I’m throwing the smart countries together with the stupid ones and calling them all stupid. The smart ones, after all, had to let the stupid ones in the clubhouse!

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