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The Comic Book Conundrum

And which screen size?

3.8″ LCD (smartphone)?
6″ eInk?
7″ LCD?
8.9″ LCD?
10″ LCD?


ComiXology + DC + Kindle Fire = ?


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It Always Seems So Innocent

Smoke This Book

The story of paperback advertising started innocently enough…

Previously here:

Amazon’s Kindle Price Punking

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Twitter Jailed AGAIN!


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Amazon Silk: The Other Nightmare



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Amazon’s Kindle Price Punking

All you’ll hear is “$79 Kindle!” “$99 Kindle!”

I believed it too.

Jeff Bezos punked all of us.

Here’s a key slide from the announcement:


What’s missing in that list?

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In Twitter Jail

Click = big

Such irony! All the spammers seem to have left Twitter for the goldmine of New Facebook — and I wind up in Twitter Jail!

Today was the Amazon announcement. I was exchanging tweets with up to ten people at one point. Of course I’m going to be sending out a lot of tweets.

But what good is Twitter now if people can’t do that?

Forty-nine minutes is the longest interval I’ve yet had. Usually I can get back in within ten-fifteen minutes.

Twitter needs to fix this. I’ve been there long enough for them to know I’m not a spammer.

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WTF Tizen!?

Welcome to Tizen!

MeeGo is dead: Meet Tizen, another new open source OS based on Linux

“Tizen” is Intel and Samsung’s answer to Android


I don’t understand this at all!

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