WTF Tizen!?

Welcome to Tizen!

MeeGo is dead: Meet Tizen, another new open source OS based on Linux

“Tizen” is Intel and Samsung’s answer to Android


I don’t understand this at all!

1) Why not just buy webOS, for god’s sake?

2) It’s a pack of losers banding together! It reminds me of this comic book:


I mean, ACCESS is in there! ACCESS bought PalmSource, failed to get its ACCESS Linux Platform on any devices, pivoted to try to use it for electronic publishing, disastrously failed at that, and now has decided to join this team to save its failed investment?!

None of this makes any sense at all!

How the hell do you even pronounce “Tizen”?

Is it “TEES-in'” (as in, “Just teasin’!”)

Is it “TIZ-zen” (as in, ci”tizen”)?

Is it “TIE-zin” (as in, “ties-in”)?

Is it “tih-ZEN” (as in WTF, maybe Klingonese?)?

Why do these wannabes all come up with screwball names? Maemo, LiMO, MeeGo, now Tizen?!

If you can’t come up with a compelling and easy to say brand name, you’ve already failed!

Everyone single member of this group is going to be fighting for its own piece of cheese too. They’ll want to make their bit of it somehow “special” to gain an edge over the others.

What’s that old saw about committees?

And what’s the prevailing wisdom about anything designed by committee?

And they already had some great marketable imagery:

And now they will throw that away too?

This will be as successful as the original Inferior Five.

Someone really needs to buy webOS now to wipe this out.

How about it, Asus?



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4 responses to “WTF Tizen!?

  1. James Katt

    HP will not sell WebOS.

    It makes sense to control your own destiny by creating your own OS to mate with your own hardware. Just ask Apple.

    Creating your own OS also allows you to be free of having to pay other companies royalties for the patents you don’t own.

    Creating your own OS also allows you to target the huge population of consumers who can’t afford an iPhone or even an Android Phone (given the royalties you have to pay which drives up the cost of the smartphone). This population includes billions of people in China, India, and other emerging third world market countries. This is a huge opportunity to make billions of dollars.

    • mikecane

      An OS needs hardware to run on. ACCESS thought they’d rule the world when they bought PalmSource for Palm OS. Hello? *crickets* *echo*

    • Jason Jehosephat

      Yes, just ask Apple, which, once a competitive alternative came out, started to lose ground because people would rather have a platform that doesn’t tie them to one manufacture, forcing them to learn and configure everything over again whenever they decide to switch hardware. Just ask Sony: Betamax worked really well for them. IBM and OS/2. Microsoft and Windows Mobile.

      Royalties–how does those compare with the cost of developing the same thing from scratch, while avoiding patent infringement lawsuits and defending yourself against the ones you’re hit with despite your best efforts?

      Interchangeable parts were one of the cornerstones of the Industrial Revolution.

      • mikecane

        There is no hardware running it (rumors don’t count). And even if there was, would it sell? See Nokia and Windows Phone.

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