Revolution Is Not For Children

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Call For Totalitarian Government, Re-Election Of Obama

If that’s the goal of Occupy Wall Street, we here in New York City — the born and bred — have a message for you:


You’re not interested in change. Not at all.

You want to give a second to chance to a bought and paid-for bitch of Wall Street?

Put down that bong and face the real world.

This is the real world:

You think the Greeks are playing? Their heads are about to be twisted off their bodies. This isn’t a goddammed game to them. They don’t pose as protesters. They make the government fear them.

While you play at “changing” things, this is the real world:

Minn. Man Kills Self In His Car After Losing Job

Hey, I smelled the stench back in January 2008. Where the hell were you? I have over 400 posts about this shit done in 2008 alone. Where’s your record?

So, yeah, I do get to call your bullshit.

What the fuck were all of you doing in 2008?

I’ve lost track of how many articles I’ve read about office workers killing their former employers, former co-workers, and themselves.

I’ve lost track of how many men killed their wives, their children, and themselves.

And who can tally how many people died while homeless, or were preyed upon while homeless, got ill while homeless, committed suicide while homeless?

In my book, in my ledger, these were all murders.

Murders through financial corruption and fraud.

And your goal at Liberty Plaza is what? To make these murderers feel ashamed?

If they haven’t changed their ways in three fucking years, what makes you think your showing up will change that?

So, yeah, I’ll publish Occupy Wall Street pictures here, I’ll RT tweets, and post videos like this one, and I’ll watch.

But do I expect any of you to accomplish anything?

Not this way, no.

And someone told me that one of your goals is to get all debts forgiven? Hey, welcome to my world back in 2008 too — that’s not going to work!

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2 responses to “Revolution Is Not For Children

  1. Really spiteful and hateful post lacking original information of any kind.

    dood… you use a few well-known propagandists as your information source; go off on a screaming tangent against what you’ve been TOLD were OccupyWallStreet’s agenda, BLAME OWS for your own wildly-skewed rant and then say “So, yeah, I’ll publish Occupy Wall Street pictures here, I’ll RT tweets, and post videos”

    What for; traffic? Sucking up hits?

    pitiful. Just pitiful. But I DID link to you, as a sterling example. Of what, you’ll have to figure out. But thanks; you helped ME figure out which blogs actually have people who think on them, as opposed to people who take in propaganda and spit it back out in the same of “liberal/progressive thinking”

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