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Sony Reader WiFi: Buy From More Stores

Well, this is a very, very surprising development:

I picked up a T1 at Target yesterday. I was able to download a DRM’ed EPUB from my dropbox account successfully. I was also able to login to my Kobo account and download a book! The library book download process also worked smoothly. They go into a downloads folder. They auto-load right into your booklist.

Amazon Kindle = buy from Kindle Store only on device.

Barnes & Noble Nook = buy from B&N only on device.

Kobo eReader = buy from Kobo only on device.

Sony Reader WiFi = buy from Sony or Kobo on device.

And since Kobo works, it might work for any other bookstore that sells Adobe DRMed ePub, such as Feedbooks.

Now, if we can also get it rooted too…


Now I wonder if Sony went further, including the mutant Adobe DRM that Barnes & Noble uses. This would let people also buy ePubs from Barnes & Noble too — on the device.



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TV: Pan Am, Episode Two

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Fully Confirmed: Sony Reader WiFi Is Android

Proof the Sony Reader Wi-Fi Runs Android, Let the Rooting Begin

That seals it.

Now, can it be rooted?

It’d be a superior eInk sorta-tablet than the Nook Touch has been.

1) It has buttons. Don’t tell me you hate buttons. People using the Nook Touch have to install Button Savior for virtual buttons. And it can be an aggravating experience both to install and to use.

2) It has more than English-language. This is important for having the Android OS hooks to support alternate keyboards. Alternate keyboards cannot be used on the Nook Touch via popup menu selection due to being English-only. This also means installing and using Graffiti is highly likely.

3) Hardware-wise, the Sony Reader is also narrower, so should fit easier into a pocket:

Barnes & Noble Nook Touch: 6.5″ x 5.0″ x 0.47″ – 7.48 oz

Sony Reader WiFi (T1): 6.87″ x 4.37″ x 0.375″ – 5.9 oz

Now everyone waits to see if an Android hacker buys one and investigates rooting.


Whoops! I forgot something very important:

4) Only the Sony Reader WiFi has a multitouch screen. The Nook Touch does not.

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