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Helicopter Crash

I’m in Twitter Jail again. Otherwise I would have posted this to Twitter.

Live SD TV snapsnot of someone being rescued.

I watched them fish this person out of the water. He didn’t look conscious.

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Barnes & Noble Launches Twitter Support

I’m sure many responses will be, “Email us with details,” but it’s still good to have a dedicated channel for support issues.

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Tweet Of The Day

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Commander X Press Conference

Admitted member of Anonymous.

Anonymous could change the world, but I don’t think they have a goal other than to fight for freedom.

Freedom just isn’t enough any more.

The ultimate freedom is not to have your sovereignty stripped from you.

The monetary system we are currently enmeshed in makes us all hostages, uses the threat of stripping our sovereignty to get us to comply. There is nothing voluntary about it. It’s as compulsory as any draft.

Liberating ourselves from this system should be the goal of any movement fighting for freedom.

The only thing that can change the world is trust.

Bruce Sterling did a short story called Maneki Neko. That is the future we are destined to have. That is what Anonymous should be working towards.

Anything else is doomed to fail.

It’s all or nothing.


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