Melville House: A Publisher’s Epic Failure

Yesterday was really a significant day in a certain genre of book publishing.

It was, in fact, historic in a small way.

Finally, four books from the writer Derek Raymond were made available as eBooks.

Fans have been waiting years for this. Derek Raymond’s work has not been treated well here in America, bouncing from publisher to publisher. So when the latest publisher got the rights and was offering him in e, you would think that publisher would do everything to promote it, right?

October 4th was Derek Raymond Day for Melville House.

Instead of mentioning that, take a look at their Tweetstream:


How much effort have they put into promoting Derek Raymond?

Let’s see …

That’s it!

Absolutely nothing between September 19th and publication day!

Whoever is in charge of book promotion at Melville House should be fired.

This is an absolutely epic failure.

If they want to promote a penguin book, fine, but to do it on that day? Do they even know the release schedule for their own books? Is there any planning and coordination for publicity? Is anyone doing any thinking at all?

That’s not their only failure.

With eBooks being shoddily produced, I tweeted them several times asking:

1) Was the October 4th publication date firm?
2) Did they put care into creating the eBooks?
3) Would the eBooks be properly formatted and proofed?

And I got … no reply at all.

Yet they seem to be eager to tweet back to morons answering their brain-dead penguin promotion tweets!

When publishers wonder why they’re failing, this is why.

Let me now do what Melville House should have done.

Point you to where you can buy Derek Raymond’s books in e:

He Died with His Eyes Open (Kindle, Sony Reader, Nook, Kobo)
The Devil’s Home on Leave (Kindle, Sony Reader, Nook. Kobo)
How the Dead Live (Kindle, Sony Reader, Nook. Kobo)
I Was Dora Suarez (Kindle, Sony Reader, Nook. Kobo)

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