TV: American Horror Story, Episode One

A troubled couple with daughter move cross-country to Los Angeles for a fresh start. The house has a bad history and weird shit starts happening.

Jessica Lange steals every scene she is in. This should be seen just for her — aside from the fact this will creep you the hell out!

I have no idea how this can be sustained as a series. Each week we’re going to watch this family driven a little more insane? That’s just sadistic.

But I want to see the next one.

I swear there’s a Bernard Herrmann music cue in this. But:

No credit given at all.


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4 responses to “TV: American Horror Story, Episode One

  1. There were several Bernard Herrmann cues with no mention at all!

  2. Chris Barkett

    The best music in the show is by Bernard Herrmann. The VERY LEAST that you can do is have Herrmann credited.
    I would be embarrassed and ashamed to have my name credited as the composer (James S. Lavine) without, as much as a hint, that one of the best film composers in history has been used to create the mood musically in this show.

  3. I agree. It’s Herrmann’s work from Vertigo.

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