TV: Hidden, Episode One

Harry Venn is a low-rent solicitor with a decrepit life who fears ending up like the homeless person squatting across from his office.

On the day he breaks up with his girlfriend, he’s contacted by someone who might or might not be a high-end solicitor named Gina Hawkes …

… who is representing a career criminal who turned himself in for and confessed to a murder he did not commit — out of fear.

In the background of all this is a political scandal with off-shore bank accounts involving the current Prime Minister who is facing a revolt in Parliament. This while thousands riot in protest of austerity measures!

Time-shifting to three back stories set years ago, this complex story has Harry finding himself dropped into something far deeper than he ever imagined.

If you liked The Shadow Line, this is the next thing to see. It lacks the style of that, but there’s some great noir here and the story is possibly even more complex.

Rob Lane, previously unknown to me, does a dazzling score here that really sets the mood and tone for everything. The music is like another character in this.

I look forward to the second episode.

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