TV: Pan Am, Episode Three

I still like this show.

A nice bit of storytelling this time, with some deft directing.

Colette’s Casablanca moment. Maggie’s “We’re Pan Am!”

It’s still not the real 1960s, but it’s fun.

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4 responses to “TV: Pan Am, Episode Three

  1. TJHinNYC

    I still like “Pan Am,” three episodes in. And, it’s still fun to note the anachronisms.

    In Epsiode 3:

    1) The most obvious is the early airborne shot of the “Pan Am” building. While it is fairly easy to obliterate the current-day ‘MetLife” logo atop 200 Park Avenue, it apparently is not as easy to cover up a couple (at least) modern buildings nearby. One is the big black office building dierctly to the southeast of the “Pan Am” Building. That is 101 Park Avenue (where I work). Another would be a few blocks south on East 34th Street — 3 Park Avenue.

    2) The meeting on the subway between our “Jane Bond” stewardess and her contact is pretty innocuous. However, the circa 1963 model R-11 subway train in which they are riding never– in real life — emitted the “ding-dong” door-opening and -closing sounds heard during the conversation.

    3) This last one is arbitrary, but…Even if we accept the young Pan Am’s Captain’s hair length, I might have an issue with his sideburns. Unlike his First Officer colleague, the Captain sports what would have been common circa 1967-to-late-1970′s, but certainly not in 1963. That is my opinion; I may be wrong.

    • mikecane

      Yes, I noted those buildings here:

      And I think I also mentioned the male haircuts being wildly wrong in the first episode. I was just looking at some old footage from The Beatles era — a special about George Harrison — and noted that the “regular” people all had haircuts with lengths that were well above their collars in back.

  2. Another boo-boo was showing a Lufthansa 707 in Berlin. In reality, during the 1960s, Lufthansa was forbidden to fly to Berlin.

  3. Bill Hough

    One more thing about this episode. The scene where the stewardess goes to the Berlin Bookstore and runs into the East German woman was actually filmed in lower Manhattan. My buddy Stuart lives in the area and sent some photos he got during the shooting.

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