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This Is What We Expect From Apple

Siri says some weird things

Now that is magical.

Apple’s products aren’t just things. They have personality in them. Thought.

I hope the day never arrives when Apple becomes like, for instance, Sony.


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The Wall Street Occuposers

They have jumped the shark. They no longer have anything to say.

Occupy Denver stands in solidarity with AIM to “Decolonize Denver”

WHEREAS, those participating in “Occupy Denver” acknowledge that the United States of America is a colonial country, and that we are guests upon stolen indigenous land that has already been occupied for centuries, Denver being the ancestral land of the Cheyenne, Arapaho and Ute people; and

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

These are morons run amuck.

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TV: Killer Instinct, Episode Three

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Platforms Win, Products Lose

Steve Yegge of Google posted something on Google+ that was meant to be read only internally by other people at Google. He forgot to set a flag, it went public, he made it private too late, and now it’s all over the Internet.

There’s a copy of it here.

This is the most telling quote for me:

… Bezos realized long before the vast majority of Amazonians that Amazon needs to be a platform.

You wouldn’t really think that an online bookstore needs to be an extensible, programmable platform. Would you?

And that’s why only Amazon will win with eBooks.

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Opera’s Epic Proposal To Remake The Web

Opera proposal brings a book look to the Web

At the company’s Up North Web press event here, [Opera] CTO Haakon Wium Lie showed off a new standard he proposed that could give Web pages more of the feel of printed pages. A document too big for a single screen, instead of getting a scroll bar, would be split across several pages, and people can navigate among them with gestures–swiping left and right to go forward and backward or swiping up to return to an earlier page.

Yes! Finally!

I’ve been saying this since 2009!

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