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W.H. Smith Says Seth Godin Was Right

WH Smith launches ‘Kindle killer’

Analysts are concerned the increasing popularity of electronic books poses a threat to WH Smith, where book sales are already falling. [Chief executive, Kate] Swann countered, however, that although high street demand for printed books “continued to be soft” the ebook market was still small, and that devices like the Kobo were aimed at heavy readers and early adopters.

“The reason that we’re moving aggressively into ebooks is because we believe if ebooks are ultimately successful that they’ll be incremental for us, given [that] our physical books customer base tends to be lighter book readers,” she said.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

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The State Of Reading In 2011

I forgot I had the following picture. Found it on an SD Card today. This is the Midtown Branch of the NY Public Library on August 17th:

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That’s looks bleak. What I hope is going on there is that the shelves are near-empty because a lot of people took out Summer loans on books.

However …

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Occupy Wall Street: October 14, 2011 Showdown

All photos taken today, Friday October 14, 2011 between 5:45AM and 8:30AM. Resized and resampled to VGA, click any to enlarge. Photos are in the order they were taken.

I woke up at the ungodly 4AM and got the 5AM ferry to Manhattan to get photos of the planned showdown between the Wall Street Occuposers and the Fist of the State, as embodied in the NYPD.

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Ellen Barkin Leads The Revolution

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The Three Stooges Of Armageddon

Unintentional(?) triptych with headline for something else at Drudge today, creating a bitter irony.

Hey, you three! Take your fingers and shove them up your own asses instead of all of ours.

We don’t want your shit anymore.

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