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Occu-Pose In Times Square

So the Occuposers went to Times Square tonight and the bullshit was flying on Twitter. If you believed the bullshit, you’d have thought rioting was about to break out and that all of NYC was brought to a standstill in its midtown heart.

Since I’m a native New Yorker — unlike 99% of them — I know of the live Times Square webcams. There are six in all. And they provide a great overview of all of Times Square. I didn’t have to rely on the Twitter bullshit. I could see for myself live.

Although I didn’t screensnap from all of the cameras, I did hop from one to another while I watched. And if you thought there were 20,000 people there — one stupid local TV “news” program’s deranged estimate — I’ve got real news for you. A generous estimate would have been five thousand. And Times Square was not closed down. Traffic still flowed. The only ones put out were the store owners who missed out on lucrative Saturday night tourist trade and the tourists themselves.

But, you know, the hell with them. There’s pose-testing to be done!

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Memo To The Wall Street Occuposers

This, you addled-brained posturing peabrains, this is how shit gets done:

To get something new done you have to be stubborn and focused, to the point that others might find unreasonable.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

That’s from Jeff Bezos, of a little outfit you might have heard of called Amazon.

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Occupy Wall Street: October 15, 2011

All photos taken today, Saturday October 15, 2011 between 8:05-8:20AM. Resized and resampled to VGA, click any to enlarge. Photos appear in the order they were taken.

Let me tell you up front: If there are two hundred people sleeping there now, it’d be a miracle. The Plaza looks full because they’ve spread out their shit so widely. If it was just people, it’d look like the first week again! So don’t believe the absolute bullshit being spewed on Twitter about “thousands” being in the Plaza. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

TV trucks still hanging about:

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