Occupy Wall Street: October 16, 2011

All photos taken today, Sunday October 16, 2011 between 8:30-9AM. Resized and resampled to VGA, click any to enlarge. Photos appear in the order they were taken.

Some photos that I wanted to publish will not appear. Listen: I’m not stupid. Engaging me in conversation when I take a picture so you can link my face with a published picture just isn’t going to work, got that? Give it up, kiddies. I’ll just start taking so many goddammed photos that you’ll never, ever be able to link any single one to me. And I’ll be certain to stand next to other people taking pictures too. Is that all clear? I have more ways to obscure myself than you can devise to suss me out. So give it up.

This morning I decided to start from the other side of Liberty Plaza. I was interested to see if NYPD was going to actually follow-through with what I thought would be the first step of a siege.

I will continue to make note of the TV trucks. Because when they’re gone, it’s over, finito, period.

Ah, NYPD, you disappoint me …

… not only was no officer stationed, but the barricade has also been moved out more.

Don’t be fooled by this image …

… they’re not there because the Plaza is full of people. As you’ll see, the Plaza is filled with so much shit, people can’t get in!

This is a “sacred space” …

… before they arrived, it was just a tree. And that’s what it’ll be again once they leave.

There’s no longer the huge swath of placards there. That’s strange. I’ll note the ones I see, but I no longer believe them, after yesterday.

And this sticker particularly pisses me off:

You lot there, your political ancestors hated NASA, hated us putting men on the Moon, ridiculed the Moon landing, and despised the money sunk into space exploration. So keep your damn paws off it!

I have no bloody idea:

And here we go off-message:

Let’s just cut to the chase on this one: N.J. State Trooper murderer Sundiata Acoli denied parole. So, murder is a “political” act now? How many of the normal 99% would agree with that?

That “People’s Megaphone” Art Project useless piece of shit Hippie trinket is already falling apart:

Remember that screwball dollhouse from yesterday? Wait for it …

What the hell do they have under all these tarps?

And here’s what’s become of that damn dollhouse:

Do you really want to trust people who do that to things?

Dig it …

… in clear violation, someone has a tent!

Look at all this shit taking up sleeping room:

Apparently a message from a sponsor, Yogurt Muffins:

Ah, “Hear!! Us!!” Yes, children. Play nice. And do learn proper punctuation.

I don’t know why the hell the NYPD allows this:

The Board of Health regulates food preparation for the public. What makes these people exempt? And why does NYPD allow something of that height, blocking a full clear view of the Plaza?


A shopping cart liberated from The Oppressor! Powwa to the Peepul!

Really …

… don’t you just want to slap people who display signs like that?

Look at all this shit taking up sleeping space:

I hope he’s washing that to put in recycling. Because those aluminum things are meant to be use once only.

Imagine America as a bed of flowers. This is what it will become if these people are ever given any kind of authority:

Footprints, crushed plants, areas of no flowers at all. That is the future they’ll give us.

Look at all the shit taking up sleeping space:

CNN truck:

And here we go off-message again:

These next two are so screwy, I’m embedding larger versions so they can be read:

Click = ginormous

Click = ginormous

No, I’m not going to tell you why.

I have no damned idea …

… does anyone there pay attention to what’s posted? It reflects on them.

Really, click on this to read it:

… and that solves what?

OMG, these people lack even basic Communication 101 skills:

That headline basically says, “Yeah, everyone except these two guys are shiftless hipsters!”

Um …

… more delusional self-patting of their backs!

Oh, look, they do pay attention to what’s posted …

… and no free speech for you, you anti-progressive fascist oppressive motherfucker who we will shoot when we are in charge of this Mother of All Evils nation!

Um, no: Trading Places Bank LLC. If all you can think of is a variation or nostalgic imitation of what came before, you have no solutions to offer. Next!

A tour bus passed by …

… and this woman in red had the mic and started shouting …

… “We’re watching! We’re the ninety-nine percent!” Oh, you poor deluded woman!

Damage to the plants …

… but don’t worry! They’ll liberate the animals! Fuck the plants. They do this for you — um, no, they don’t. They’re doing it for themselves. Thinking they’ll face a grateful nation and be heroes. Wow, are they in for a shock.

What the hell did they do?

Rip out the plants to put in their hair?!!? Or did they make Hippie Soup? Or maybe they smoked them? The damage is just inexcusable.

You know …

… this is all really just such bullshit. When society still worked in the 1960s, their political ancestors didn’t give a fuck for the 99%. They were all about the one percent — at the bottom. And that’s at the heart of this too: Not a concern for the normal 99%, but for the goals of the political one-percent. How many of their bizarre placards do I have to photograph before it sinks in who’s behind all this? It’s a disguise for the ones who have hated America since the 1960s. No one in the normal 99% would have been advocating the release of a Trooper murderer. We don’t see that as a “political” act. No one in their goddammed right mind would.

And I have no idea …

… I Googled the hell out of that and nothing came up. Bueller? Bueller?

Annnnd we’re coming full circle to that poor tree they’ve made into a frikkin cathedral …

… because god forbid they should hike to Chinatown and use a Buddhist temple there or really God forbid they should step into one of the two nearby Churches! “Well, that whole Jesus Christ thing about him dying for our sins? I think he should get over Himself.” Worshiping at a tree — just like the normal 99%. I don’t think so. So they represent us how again? “Well my worship demands that I show everyone just how spiritual I am. I have to publicly display just how much more pure I am than the rest of you who we will shoot when we take over this Mother of All Evils country! Also: It helps my sorry ass get laid by stupid chicks who believe this shit.”

And remember …

… they’re sleeping on the sidewalk because shit is taking up sleeping space in the Plaza. Because that’s the whole point of this pose-test: Shit is more important than people. Oh. Wait. No, it’s the other way around. So WTF?

Ummm …

… do they even know what the hell they’re posting?

And um …

… when will “we” learn what? How to make bubbles too? Or that bubbles have been made? Huh?

Ah, UAW …

… if you only had a clue.

The drawing of a dick is a nice touch. So like the normal 99%. We put dick drawings on everything. Wait. No we don’t!

The TV news vans …

… will remain until there’s something really telegenic, like a plane crash, or a building collapse, or something worse. Or, in the Winter — should NYPD have still failed to siege you out — a snowstorm. They’ll be deployed covering the plowing efforts citywide. And then they won’t be back. And then you’ll go away. Because without the media covering you, you’re nothing.

How long will NYPD shirk its duty and let that tent remain? Others are going to sprout. They’ve been emboldened now.

I have no idea …

… but at least it’s not another Nanny State placard by an Oppressor! Snort!

Remember my prior posts with those photos of soooo many placards? Well, this is the final one for here:

Yes, there are that few now.

This is doomed to fail.

Despite someone telling me they have actual goals — well, no, not really, read the intro there and you’ll see — I see no plan for achieving anything.

About the only idea these people have had was to come to New York City on September 17th and occupose on Wall Street — apparently having zero idea of the post-9/11 fortifications that surround that area! And then … um, there’s nothing else. That’s all they got.

And the sociopaths running roughshod over the normal 99% can see that. And this is what I fear:

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13 responses to “Occupy Wall Street: October 16, 2011

  1. up yours!!!

    well, its obvious you’re not hurting financially,,your home has not been forclosed….you dont mind the bank ripping you off…believe your day will come and you will be the 1st one in line marching against wall street…what and idiot you are!!!

  2. Bob Renolds

    I,m sure that you still think the Federal reserve is Federal government run how about educating yourself , the bankers took over the creation of money with the federal reserve act in 1913, people were pissed off at banks back then because they had been screwed over by a central bank the bankers concealed them self by calling it the Federal reserve and making the building look as if it was a Federal building. I just lost my job due to the company i worked for downsized Ive been looking for work for five months, I am highly educated I have an AS degree in electronics and a BS in information technologies degrees.I support the protesters,its people like you that still have the wool pulled over their eyes,Wake up

  3. Bob Renolds

    Reading the top link taught me absolutely nothing other than your a little weasel that sits in a cubical and lashes out at others seeking the truth whom want to have the elected officials follow the constitution and not take their marching orders from mega corporations that bye them off.Thats what this great nations about we all have our own opinions and can speak them freely, so i respect your opinion and it is your opinion and this is your blog.I hope you well you are part of the human race,We all want a better future not what they have been giving us for the past 100 years.

    Be apart of the solution not the problem.

  4. Yikes, and one of them says that they went to college. Love the rant about the Federal Reserve. I’m surprised you didn’t get more of the intellectually challenged to come on by.

    I think you’re slippin’, Mike. ;-)

  5. Bob Renolds

    You know what your absolutely right you are apart of the problem thanks for pointing that out.

    • mikecane

      Do you know the difference between “your” and “you’re”? No, you are part of the problem. An illiterate who thinks he knows something when he can’t even attend to the fundamentals. Your inability to even begin on the right foot is what’s killing this country — in addition to the financial sociopaths and the corrupt politicians.

  6. I sure hope some of these commenters are not a cross section of the American people. They seem to really have a problem writing, spelling, and thinking. High school english is taking a beating and logic is absent. Maybe Soros could get a couple english teachers for their empty hours.

  7. LaurieTX

    Thanks, mikecane, for going the dirty work!! So many pictures of the boils on the butt of humanity. Soros is absolutely laughing at these useful idiots and how easy they are to control.

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