TV: A Gifted Man, Episode Four

This series is a metaphor of the Occuposers in lower Manhattan.

They set up a clinic that can’t function and then have to turn to someone in the Machine to make their delusional dream work. Should Holt get flattened by a truck, their clinic would be toast. In much the same way, should Apple go away — Apple, one of the Evil Corporations — where would the Occuposers be?

With this fourth episode, I’ve gotten very annoyed and can’t see why I should care about anything that’s going on in this series.

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2 responses to “TV: A Gifted Man, Episode Four

  1. And now for the opposing view point. I liked it and will watch now whenever the wife will tune to that channel. I’m a fan of all the med shows. Always looking at finding that loophole that will get me to 100. Get serious, just kidding.

    • mikecane

      You came in late to it. How it began wasn’t as touchy-feely as it’s become. It had an edge that’s become just muck now.

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