TV: Spy, Episode One

Tim is a divorced father of …

… spookily-precocious Marcus …

… who is at the center of a custody battle with Tim’s ex.

Tim has had limited ambition and discovers he’s been working as a salesdroid at a computer store for seven years. He quits his job …

… goes to the government’s employment office to find a new one and is given directions to apply for a Civil Service position doing data entry.

The labyrinthine hallways cause him to be mistakenly welcomed at a door …

… where a test …

… is being given. The test has a one-hour period to finish. He completes it in seventeen minutes. With a perfect score.

But the test is not for data entry at all …

… and he winds up being offered a job.

This was brilliant and hilarious.

With security/spy comedies being a sort of mini-fad today (Chuck, InSecurity, Breaking In), I wonder what this one can offer that’s new?

I’ll see what the next episode is like.

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