Did Walter Isaacson Ask Steve Jobs This?

I have several questions about Steve Jobs I hope the upcoming Walter Isaacson biography will answer.

But I can’t help thinking there will be one question that Isaacson didn’t ask. And I think this question is critical to everything that came after.

Jobs has often said that the reason he and Woz built a computer in the first place was because they each wanted one.

The obvious question, that I don’t think Isaacson will have asked is this:

What would you have done with the computer?

We’ll probably never know, because the way things worked out, they built fifty computers to sell then had another fifty left over that became the basis of Apple the company.

Had Jobs never gotten the idea for PCB (printed circuit board) production, had Apple never been formed, had Jobs just gotten his own computer, I can’t help wondering what he would have done with it as a sole user.


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5 responses to “Did Walter Isaacson Ask Steve Jobs This?

  1. Shock Me

    He would have made it play Bob Dylan and the Beatles and order macrobiotic food over the telephone with a robot arm and a speech synthesizer.

  2. chano

    Are you suggesting that Jobs invented the PCB?

  3. Thanks for disclosing your question. It sure is an interesting one. I pondered this after you mentioned it on twitter. I think that if this question is ever answered, Woz will be the one. Steve was such a complicated man there are many things we will never know for sure. I’m looking forward to reading this book. This is a book that screams to be read as an ebook, given the man’s legacy.

  4. Tech Jim

    Walter Isaacson will be interviewed on 60 Minutes on Sunday. It should be fascinating. If I could have met Jobs, I would have asked….what inspired him. We need more creative people. I can hardly wait till Monday for the release of the bio. I am downloading. The audiobook version is at Amazon, iTunes, and PremierAudiobooks.com It will great to learn more about this intensely private person. He we miss him.

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