TV: The Slap, Episode Three

Harry is one of those guys who struts …

… and he owns a lot of shit, as if that means something …

… including an auto shop he owns.

Harry also has a mistress …

… and a very pretty wife …

… and great deal of anger within himself.

Harry is the one who slapped the child.

Harry is heading to deep shit.

Once again, the character seems to be running a program made of clichés. I still don’t know if this is what’s in the original book or if this is a bad adaptation … or what.

Is the catalyzing slap meant to illuminate how people are, as Philip K. Dick thought, nothing more than stimulus-response machines? Is the slap meant to be an event that triggers a spiral of destruction? Or is the slap meant to be something trivial taken to extremes? I don’t know.

If the remaining three episodes pop up, I will watch them.

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