Occupy Wall Street: October 22, 2011

All photos taken today, Saturday October 22, 2011 between 7:15-8:05AM. Resized and resampled to VGA, click any to enlarge. Photos appear in the order they were taken.

I took near two hundred photos. The hell with posting that many. I’ve culled them down to these seventy-eight.

There was police action this morning.

Some undisciplined self-absorbed asshole decided to climb the sculpture and wouldn’t come down!

More about that later. First what everything else looked like this morning:

They are really being provocative now …

… they have two “medical” tents! And others have set up ersatz tents too!

For fuck’s sake …

… will you stop already with dumbass signs like that?

Yeah …

… like even legalizing pot would make me respect the fuckheads who use it and wind up being unable to tie their shoes and who eventually succumb to schizophrenia. I’m surrounded by potheads every day. Don’t give me any shit about how it’s harmless. It’s not.

Is this a …

… pouty crybaby sign or what?

Here we go again with that knob:

Cropped zoom-in:

And that’s the only close-up I’ll show of that moron.

Now dig this …

… they had to put down two airbags because of that asshat. And they had to cut away one of the handrails for the second one! In other words: They had to damage the Plaza even more because of him!

One the of the Foxheads doing non-live reporting. No one was covering that moron in the sculpture live. No one. So if he was after live morning TV, he failed.

Now dig this …

… they also had to bring in a cherry picker for that asshole!

This sign …

… is far too late. All of the plants will have to be ripped out, all the sod replaced, everything replanted. They’ve destroyed the plant life in the Plaza.

Some ersatz tents set up:

Rear-angle view of second airbag:

Some of the tarps are actually set up as ersatz tents:

And another real tent set up:

Listen, stop believing the bullshit marketing on Twitter. The Plaza has been turned into an outright sty:

I don’t give a shit how much they claim they clean. The ground surface is filthy. People are also smoking in the Plaza, which is against New York City law for public parks.

Another ersatz tent:

Some are even giving themselves frikkin designations:

It enrages me that a quote like this …

… is only used against this country, not any other. Do they have any fucking idea how oppressed, ignorant, and poor others are elsewhere?

Dig it …

… they brought in specialists for that asshat in the sculpture! And brought up a boxed corded phone line to him!

And they also had to completely close down Broadway to traffic because of him:

I watched for near an hour …

… and got disgusted. The guy up there was just full of himself, showing off. At one point, the cop shook the guy’s hand. The cop should have pulled on him and made him drop into the airbag. If he broke a leg, eh, his own fault for being such an idiot.

Overheard from one of the Occuposers regarding the asshat in the sculpture: “This has to make Security look bad.”

No shit!

And who is going to pay for the police presence and for the removing — and eventual replacement! — of that handrail?

The Occuposers have near a half million dollars socked away in a bank account. The City should get a court order to freeze that money and demand it as a bond against further Plaza damages and also bill them for extraordinary police operations such as this one. That they even have designated people as “Security” means they’re liable for the act of that idiot in the sculpture too!

I can’t take these jerks seriously at all. There’s no excuse for destroying the plant life there, no excuse for the Plaza being as filthy as it is, no excuse for it all of it looking like someone just unloaded dumpsters into the Plaza. You don’t come to my city and take a shit all over it like this. Where the hell is your sense of civility?

These are self-absorbed children with a delusional sense of themselves and their place in the world.

They should be evicted.

As it is, tens of them are going to die in the cold, from what I’ve seen of how they’ve set themselves up for sleeping. Don’t cry to the normal 99% about that, kiddies. You won’t get any sympathy.

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5 responses to “Occupy Wall Street: October 22, 2011

  1. It’s appalling how the park now looks like a dump. From those pictures, I’d be worried about it becoming a health hazard.

  2. I guess I was so appalled that I forgot to ask, what does the sign in this photo say? https://mikecanex.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/ows102211032.jpg
    It’s hard to read because of the resampling.

    • mikecane

      I had to go to the 8MPx original to find out. I couldn’t get close enough to photo it because of stuff in the way. It says:

      “ENOUGH of the Vampire Squids wrapped around the face of humanity! [sic] relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like Money [sic]”

      There also seems to be an attribution(?), but that’s too small and tilted to make out.

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