Occupy Oakland Smashed By Police

Police arrest protesters, tear down Occupy Oakland tent city

The loose-knit group occupied the plaza two weeks ago to protest widespread unemployment and corporate greed, but the encampment has grown to encompass many other causes: support for state prison inmates who are on hunger strikes, housing rights, fair wages and against social oppression.

The “notice of violations and demand to cease violations” came a day after a preliminary letter that urged the residents to vacate the camp because of what the city said were a host of problems, including fighting, vandalism, public urination and other sanitation and public health issues. Officials said an existing rat problem in the area was being made worse by the encampment, which had about 100 tents at one point.

A spokeswoman for the mayor, Karen Boyd, said Friday that the protesters had shown themselves incapable of self-governance. “As a collective, they cannot maintain the plaza in a safe condition,” she said.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

1) Lack of focus. You’re either focused on helping people ensnared in the financial crisis or just STFU and go away. Side issues have zero to do with the eleven million people drowning in underwater mortgages. And you really think the normal 99% give a shit about inmate hunger strikes? For reals?

2) Unicorn rainbowism. Welcoming the chronic homeless who have violent arrest records, drug addictions, and mental problems is just asking for trouble. Grow up and recognize what the normal 99% understands.

3) Utopian lack of responsibility. When no one can make decisions, no one takes responsibility. When you let things degenerate into a pile of shit, it reflects on all of you.

I’m not saying what Oakland authorities did was correct. I’m pointing out what the hell all of you are continuing to do wrong and why the normal 99% is not going to rush to your aid when the Fist of the State is set against you.

And outright Twitter marketing lies like this don’t help at all:

A sonic cannon is a military-grade weapon. As far as I’m concerned, deploying that against Americans on our soil is a declaration of civil war, so you had better tell the damn truth about such a thing being used. In this case, it was a lie. And then you wonder why I have contempt for what I read on Twitter from all of you? You keep lying and then wonder why you lack credibility?


It now seems that Oakland PD did bring a sound cannon:

That’s a grainy screensnap from recorded-live video available here. The guy on the scene recording it doesn’t seem to have any other point of view other than the right of peaceful assembly for the redress of grievances — our right under the Constitution. Oakland PD also deployed chemical agents — as they warned — and the guy doing the recording had to temporarily flee the area due to exposure to the gas. He saw that SUV for himself and I trust he correctly identified it was a military-grade weapon.

There is no evidence that the sound cannon was ever used. Had it been, it would have been declaration of civil war. You never, ever use that against Americans in our own country. Not ever.

For clear photos of what a sound cannon looks like, see this article and this article (which shows a portable unit!).

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  1. I clicked those links to see what a sound cannon looks like, and now I am deeply saddened.

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