TV: American Horror Story, Episode Four

It’s Halloween at the Murder House!

And you won’t believe …

… the dialogue FX let through in this scene!

That shot made me think back to the scientist in this Jason Copland page. The same mad intensity.

These two …

… still don’t realize how doomed they are.

This episode creeped me the hell out again.

And I’m sure now: This is the best new TV series on the air. Only four episodes in, it’s beginning to have the depth of a novel. You have to watch it.

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One response to “TV: American Horror Story, Episode Four

  1. rose

    This was by far the creepiest episode they have aired, and I cannot wait for the second part of it to come on. Luckily for me since I have DISH Network as my provider/employer I won’t have to worry about missing any episodes. With DirecTV they are having a dispute with the FOX channels and might lose FX along with several other channels. I would switch now to DISH if you don’t want to miss the second part of the Halloween episode if not more.

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