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Max Gunther: You Want These eBooks

Informal e-reader library comparison

That post prompted me to go see who added Max Gunther’s books since my original post. I’d requested yelled at both Kobo and Sony’s Reader Store to add them. I didn’t bother with Barnes & Noble because their mutant DRM is hostile to gaining the broadest audience (those without credit cards).

Only Kobo has added Gunther’s books. Not all of them, but that’s a start.

Sony didn’t add them at all.

Barnes & Noble, ironically, sells them only in paper. Way to go there, B&N. Fast-forward your future bankruptcy!

Who did Marco forget? The place everyone forgets: Google eBookstore. They don’t have Gunther’s books, but at least acknowledge that they exist.

So Kobo has moved ahead of its other ePub competitors here. And the thing about buying from Kobo is that their eBooks can be read on a Sony Reader and Nook too, via cable syncing.

Amazon is not standing still, though. They’ve added even more Gunther books and have priced them aggressively, most at US$4.80.

Whether in ePub or Kindle format, go buy them now!

They can change your life.

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