Max Gunther: You Want These eBooks

Informal e-reader library comparison

That post prompted me to go see who added Max Gunther’s books since my original post. I’d requested yelled at both Kobo and Sony’s Reader Store to add them. I didn’t bother with Barnes & Noble because their mutant DRM is hostile to gaining the broadest audience (those without credit cards).

Only Kobo has added Gunther’s books. Not all of them, but that’s a start.

Sony didn’t add them at all.

Barnes & Noble, ironically, sells them only in paper. Way to go there, B&N. Fast-forward your future bankruptcy!

Who did Marco forget? The place everyone forgets: Google eBookstore. They don’t have Gunther’s books, but at least acknowledge that they exist.

So Kobo has moved ahead of its other ePub competitors here. And the thing about buying from Kobo is that their eBooks can be read on a Sony Reader and Nook too, via cable syncing.

Amazon is not standing still, though. They’ve added even more Gunther books and have priced them aggressively, most at US$4.80.

Whether in ePub or Kindle format, go buy them now!

They can change your life.

Previously here:

You WANT These Books: They Nearly Made Me Buy A Kindle!


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10 responses to “Max Gunther: You Want These eBooks

  1. Point of clarification. I don’t know what royalty agreements Google has with larger publishers, but as indie publisher, I seem to recall that their royalties was at a mind-numbingly low percentage (45%?). It makes no sense. It would make no sense for a publisher to go with pathetic royalties like this.

    See this (which might be out of date).

  2. I guess you will snort at me on Twitter (or even here), but I also checked in the iBookstore. None of Gunther’s books are there–at least not in the Swiss iBookstore.

  3. David

    Mike, whew, have I got a tale for you.
    For weeks I’ve been eating up Konrath’s blog (often with a guest post by Barry Eisler) about self-pubbing. I even read their ebook on the topic. Felt very excited about it all. Then I stumbled upon your “shut up konrath” post. Admittedly, my first reaction to your post was negative. But then, reading through the comments I found the woman’s post from backwordsbooks, where Konrath contradicts everything he’s saying today–and this post was as recent as 2009.

    I was very confused by the major flip flop, so I went to his blog comments on the last Eisler post today and wrote the following:

    [I had a completely different response I planned to write, but then I stumbled upon an rather odd post featuring Konrath essentially disagreeing with EVERYTHING he’s saying here. Two choice quotes: 

    “In my experience, 99% of self-pubbed writers think they’re better than they actually are, which is the real reason NY [big commercial publishers] doesn’t want them.” -Konrath

    “Is self-pubbing bad? Hell no. I’m doing it myself, on Kindle, and doing pretty well. But I don’t consider those books published, and I only have confidence they are any good because they were vetted by my agent and fellow professional authors.”-Konrath


    Can you please explain the traumatic event that happened to you in the last 18 months to turn you from someone who seemed to express a good deal of disdain for self-publishers into the ultimate champion of the practice. I’m not being sarcastic or ironic, I really want to know, because you seem like two different people in these posts. ]

    Mike, my post was deleted THREE SEPARATE TIMES. It’s not a tech glitch, because all my other comment posts show up fine. Heck, I even posted a version without the link, just in case he had auto-link deletion enabled. The post was still deleted.

    Here’s what Konrath didn’t know, I’m actually a professional editor/writer. I had also recently become a fan of his site and advocacy of self-publishing (until I found your site). I was willing to read some explanation of the major philosophical shift, heck even indifference would have been ok, but to censor and delete the comments repeatedly? Konrath has lost any shred of credibility he ever had.

    • mikecane

      I wish you had put this under the Konrath post instead of here, where it is OT.

      You aren’t the first person to have a Comment deleted by Konrath multiple times. They are those who have challenged him who have been outright banned and told so too.

      I don’t go to his blog, I don’t read his books, and I don’t care about him. And now that he’s signed with Amazon — another publisher — why should anyone listen to him at all?

    • The only thing that guides Konrath is money. Before he was a “proven” writer because publishers paid him. Now self-publishing is legitimate because you can make money off it. That’s it. It’s a terrible position, and no better than the “legacy publishing” he keeps criticizing.

      • mikecane

        Well now he’s signed with Amazon, so how can he keep pimping self-pub when he’s sold it out himself?

        God, I hate this going OT in Comments. Max Gunther deserves better.

    • Here’s what Konrath didn’t know, I’m actually a professional editor/writer.

      I’d be interested in your opinion of his digital-first works. I’ve heard…things.

  4. Kristen T.


    It was a great try. I’m actually surprised your comments were deleted – in that same string of comments, Konrath tells me he enjoys a good debate.

    I guess only if the conditions are favorable.

  5. Sorry – my last comment was OT, too, so if it’s awaiting moderation, pls don’t post it.

    I’d never heard of Max Gunther before reading this, and I just took at look at his titles. Are they ironic?

    • mikecane

      No. They are not ironic. They are pioneering works with very practical advice that could change a person’s life. Everyone who followed him went into bullshit like the “law of attraction.” Gunther’s works are for the real-world.

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