Back After An Interruption!

Triffid trapped in force field

With the minor storm — less than an inch of snow! — came a two-day cable TV interruption.

Posts I would have put up on Saturday and Sunday — photos from Occupy Wall Street — were delayed until today. If I had an iPad or netbook or something, I could have gone into Manhattan and used public WiFi to post them. (There’s no unlocked WiFi in my area to jack into!)

On the other hand, without the distraction of the Internet, I did:

1) Manage to finish reading the Steve Jobs bio

2) Clear out my backlog of recent video that needed watching

3) Write a post about the Steve Jobs bio

4) Finally write a long-delayed post about Success: A Novel

5) See the movie Drive, which floored me (no pun intended), and do a post about that too

So it’s not like I sat around with nothing to bloody do!

The most frustrating part of the Internet interruption is that Adobe Reader wouldn’t launch without a connection to the outside world. I don’t know if the interruption was the cause of that or if Windows XP has eaten the program — as it did with MS Paint. I’ll find out when I’m back online (this post was written while still offline). Had Adobe Reader worked, I could have started on some other Google Books I have in PDF format (their ePub versions are typo-riddled unreadable shit and also contain scans of book-handler’s fingertips!).

Now that service has been restored, there will be posts today!

And yeah, that’s not a Triffid. But neat picture anyway, no?



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7 responses to “Back After An Interruption!

  1. Triffids (and various other things) remind me of Rocky Horror Picture Show. A friend of mine reported that RHPS was on tv at 10:30am!!!!
    She was shocked.
    Don’t dream it, be it!!!



  2. If ADE doesn’t open ebooks without internet connection, we’re all screwed.

  3. Seems like you’ve just proven that Internet is a drain on productivity. Glad to know you weren’t buried under inches of snow or stuck wihout power.
    Definitely look forward to your review of Drive; I’ve been wanting to go see that for the last two weeks. [Yeah, I know, dream on, laura!]

  4. OK, you told us what it’s not. What the hell is the ugly thing and what is it doing there. Details, details.

    • mikecane

      It’s a 9/11 tribute. Part of something that used to be in the WTC Plaza. I forget exactly, I read the plaque too long ago.

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