Movie: Drive

There are certain movies that are so good and so different that they are revelatory.

Drive is such a movie.

Based on a novel by James Sallis (which I haven’t yet read), it tells the tale of a car mechanic-movie stunt driver-getaway car driver.

Without spoiling any of the plot, let me give you a point of reference: If you loved Michael Mann’s Thief, this is the next movie you need to see to relive that sensation.

I saw this after finishing the Steve Jobs bio by Walter Isaacson.

If a movie could ever be said to be Apple-like, this has to be one of them. It is so Zen, so minimalistic — and that’s what makes it revelatory. It’s more of a Ken Bruen movie than any Ken Bruen movie has so far been (which goes to show that Bruen should not be adapted from his novels; Bruen should instead be writing original screenplays).

Angelo Badalamenti [see Comments] Cliff Martinez does an epic score here. And there are songs, but they slide in perfectly, without feeling tacked on to goose the sale of the soundtrack album.

Director Nicolas Winding Refn has an exceptional sense of framing shots and his sense of pace and timing is astonishing.

And writer Hossein Amini doesn’t waste a word, which really makes me want to read Sallis’ book to see what it’s like. When a movie is so good that it makes you want to read the original book, it’s a double-win.

And even though I saw Albert Brooks listed in the opening credits, I forgot all about him and didn’t even recognize him until this close-up.

That’s how damned good his performance is!

Rush to see this movie, especially if you’re a writer. It will surprise the hell out of you.

Drive at IMDB



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6 responses to “Movie: Drive

  1. I’ve been wanting to see this for WEEKS. Now, I MUST. I didn’t realize Angelo Badalamenti wrote the score, either. That’s yet another plus.

  2. SKFK

    The music is by Cliff Martinez, and Badalamenti had nothing to do with this movie. The confusion stems from an unfinished screener version of the movie that had Badalamenti’s name as a placeholder during the credits.

    It really is a hell of a movie. I saw it in a theater about a month ago, and I can’t stop thinking about it. It feels like a smart low-budget movie from the ’80s, and the music adds greatly to that vibe.

    • mikecane

      Thanks for that correction. This is what I get for being snagged into watching someone’s DVD screener version. Now I want to see it for real, in its finished version. It’s that good.

      And yeah, while I was watching it, I was also thinking what it would have been like if David Lynch had directed such a movie. I was even going to mention that and Eraserhead in passing, but figured I would be pushing it.

  3. Keishon

    I’m reading the book right now. Glad to know the movie is good.

  4. I finally had a chance to see Drive yesterday. It has to be one of the most powerful movies I’ve ever seen. I definitely understand the David Lynch comparisons, but in terms of mood, this film reminds me more of one of my favorite French mafia films, Jean-Pierre Melville’s The Samurai. The plot of that film is quite different, but the main characters have a lot in common, including their reserved personality.

    Cliff Martinez’s soundtrack is still going through my head, too. I must find it.

    Like SKFK, I can’t stop thinking about this film. It is really that outstanding.

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