Occupy Wall Street: October 29, 2011

All photos taken Saturday October 29, 2011 between 7:40-8:00AM. Resized and resampled to VGA, click any to enlarge. Photos appear in the order they were taken.

These are near-95% of the photos this time. The weather was bad and there wasn’t much to see and I wanted to get inside again ASAP, so I didn’t take a whole lot.

Some photos are not sharp due to rain getting on the lens element.

Barricades remain around the sculpture to prevent another nutcase from climbing it.

NYPD has lost control. All of Liberty Plaza is now a Tent City!

The poor tree they have turned into a pagan shrine:

NYPD has apparently given up any idea of a siege:

No TV trucks:

This tent has the choicest piece of real estate in the Plaza …

… corner, completely flat, hard to get to accidentally, and elevated. Except it’s also there by itself, open to gusts of wind. More on the wind later.

This is …

… someone sleeping out in the open, in cold rain, in a sleeping bag that is not waterproof. The bag was soaked. Hypothermia possibility.

Look here …

… that’s someone sleeping upright in a chair, under that canopy and blanket. You never, ever do that. Ever see homeless people with bad feet? Swollen ankles, some going gangrene? They got those by sleeping like that! The blood settles in your ankles, the ankles swell, and can lead to blood clots. I had that happen to me once when I fell asleep upright in a chair and my ankles ballooned. I didn’t tell my doctor until over a week later and she freaked out and scheduled an emergency ultrasound scan of my ankles to check for blood clots. Never, ever sleep without your legs being on the same level as the rest of your body or with your legs elevated (so that you’re in an L shape).

No TV news truck:

No TV news trucks at all:

Another peek into their supply room:

There was Nor’easter with snow coming in Saturday. Snow was supposed to begin in the evening. I was shocked to see it begin to snow heavily in midday where I am. As it turned out, I got less than an inch of snow and Manhattan only a dusting. The wind wasn’t as bad as forecasted, either.

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  1. What a mess that all looks. Weather conditions look horrible too. I can understand you’re not wanting to be out in it, Mike. Thanks for the updates.

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