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Rooted Nook Touch Notes For November 4th 2011

Update, November 5, 2011: Scroll to the end of the post after the twin YouTube videos.

The news of an impending price reduction to US$99 for the Nook Touch has re-interested me in the device, so I thought I’d do another catch-up post because I might soon go mad and buy a Nook Touch for rooting myself.

So far as I can tell, people prefer the Nook Touch as a rootable device much more than the new Sony Reader WiFi:

1) The Nook Touch can run more Android apps (infamously, Aldiko will not run on the Sony!)

2) There are more videos about rooted Nook Touch than Sony Reader WiFi

3) The XDA Developers forum is still going for the rooted Nook Touch

So, here we go …

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