Rooted Nook Touch Notes For November 4th 2011

Update, November 5, 2011: Scroll to the end of the post after the twin YouTube videos.

The news of an impending price reduction to US$99 for the Nook Touch has re-interested me in the device, so I thought I’d do another catch-up post because I might soon go mad and buy a Nook Touch for rooting myself.

So far as I can tell, people prefer the Nook Touch as a rootable device much more than the new Sony Reader WiFi:

1) The Nook Touch can run more Android apps (infamously, Aldiko will not run on the Sony!)

2) There are more videos about rooted Nook Touch than Sony Reader WiFi

3) The XDA Developers forum is still going for the rooted Nook Touch

So, here we go …

NOTE: Some — if not all — of this info might be invalid as the new Nook Touch will be version 1.1. I will try to keep up to date with this before I go buy a Nook Touch, to ensure everything works.

This is the most important bit and bears repeating: BACKUP/RESTORE N2E Win7back it up before doing anything! This thread provides additional details.

And: [Q] Skip the initial setup — useful for people like me who don’t intend to register with B&N because I don’t have plastic.

Also see:

Nook Touch Rooting Guide
Rooted Nook Touch: Fixing Market Search and Other Tips and Tricks (Video)
Nook Touch Working Apps List

Remember: How do I transfer apps from my pc to my rooted nook touch? — ADB is via WiFi, not via USB cable.

[TOOL] nookRestore { Nook Touch – Factory restore | recovery } — a utility to fool a Nook Touch into thinking it has done the eight failed restarts to trigger a Factory Restore. This thread shows why you want that.

[Q] Nook Simple Touch Rooted with touchnooter 1.6.24 and Battery Drain — this is based on this thread but has clearer instructions for eejits such as myself. This thread explains why you want to do all that.

[1.0B2 14 Oct] Edit n/reading now/side btns/RecentApps+ActivityPicker+ForceOrient!!!! — I’m not really sure what’s going on here. It seems to be something that after you’ve rooted and used the device, you’ll then discover some irritations that this fix can address.

[Q] How to modify the screen after powering off? — I don’t know if I’d want to do this, but it’s good to know, and here are two examples:

… and the information there can also lead to modding such as this:

[NST]Current reading book image screensaver — now this is something I’d want!

NookTouch App Recommendations — an interesting list.

: I drop my NST on the floor and NST not response — uh-oh, the battery can come loose inside and this is what that is like.

Screen height too big for Nook Touch — this is an odd problem with solution.

[solved] SD write failing for rooting — this might be helpful for some.

Manga Watcher work? — a discussion of various comic/manga programs

[Q] Taking screenshots on Touch — now this is interesting!

[Q] How to export Notes and Highlights on Touch? Cppy and Paste? — and this is why Amazon wins with Kindle.

[Q] [POLL] Do we need NST specific launcher? If Y – how should it look like? — this is damned interesting! Some proposed images:


I love the first three. They’re Apple-like.

There’s also ReLaunch (github, description).

Nook Touch friendly Better Keyboard skin — now I’m wondering if Graffiti was installed as the only keyboard if it would work on the Nook Touch? This thread might be helpful too.

Overdrive for public library ebooks — it works.

Amazon app store — it can work.

While over at Mobileread:

ePub Squeaker: Tool to fix covers for Color/Touch (Windows only) — interesting.

And even though these are in Russian, they’re good viewing because he went a bit mad and installed just about everything:

Update: The guy who did those videos provided a link to his post that goes into more detail. It’s worth seeing because he lists what he’s using.

This is the original post in Russian.

This is the post in Google English.

Previously here:

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8 responses to “Rooted Nook Touch Notes For November 4th 2011

  1. in a related note, a vet med prof came into the library today with a rooted nook color and I was totally green with envy…it was gorgeous and functional…*sigh*
    don’t you find the black and white web pages disturbing…reminds me of watching tv when I was a kid.

    • mikecane

      Well, I don’t have one yet. Long battery life and the eInk is relaxing, I guess, for reading. The flashing will probably be very annoying with other things.

  2. Hi!
    I’m author of this russian movie. =)
    I am new in Android. Nook is my first device with it.
    Here is my article:

    Possibly it’ll interesting for you.

    Sorry for my poor English =)

    • mikecane

      Your English is more than any Russian I can do! Thank you! I’m going to update the post to call attention to your post so people can see it.

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