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New New Twitter: Major Privacy Invasion

I popped out of Twitter to watch a video, then came back and look what changed:

Click = big

That Activity tab we heard about a while ago!

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Nook Touch 1.1 Update Breaks Popular Rooting

This is the XDA Developers thread to follow: New nook color and update for nook touch

Well, I tried to root using touchnooter, but it gets to a neverending loop on the sign in screen after the droid (the keyboard doesn’t show up), and when I try to turn it off, it goes back to the barnes and noble screen with the blinking dots and after 4 seconds, back to android screen and a sign in screen that does not work.
Time to start all over!!!!!!!!!!!

TouchNooter is the most popular rooting method, I think.

Another method still works:

Noogie works. Running Launcherpro on 1.1.0 now. I haven’t gotten Market to work yet though.

Note also that Barnes & Noble seems to have removed the Search back-door to the funky browser. That’s ass. You never take away functionality, even if it is crap. They should have made the browser better.

Also, the new US$99.00 Nook Touch comes with the USB cable only for charging. The AC plug adapter is now a separate US$9.95 “option.” So it went from US$139.00 to US$108.95, really.

I intend to keep monitoring rooting developments and will post as warranted.


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Devices Still To Appear In 2011: Final Update

Well, I finally get to close this post.

This is in no order at all. Stream of memory dredging list.

1) HP/Palm Pre 3 — dead as of August 18th
2) HP TouchPad Go (7″) — dead to begin with
3) Kindle with Touch — I doubt this will happen this year (not only did it, but so did two others!)
4) Amazon color tablet (7″) — tomorrow, September 28th (the Kindle Fire)
5) NookColor II and III (updated Nook Color and now a Nook Tablet)
6) Sony ReaderAugust 31
7) TabCo tablet (debuts August 15th) — should have never been made
8) iPhone 5October 4th announcement (4s, not 5)
9) iPod Touch updateOctober 4th announcement (all it got was iOS5!)
10) iPad HD (thin rumor) — dead according to latest rumors

I’m not even including things already announced that haven’t yet appeared on stores shelves, like the Samsung Galaxy WiFi 5.0 (which might never, given Apple’s legal actions against Samsung). Update: Now scheduled to arrive October 16th.

I’m also not including second-tier shit no one is interested in: Archos, Coby, Cruz, Pandigital. Those are just made for landfills, not people.


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TV: Pan Am, Episode Seven

WARNING: Visual spoilers ahead.

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