TV: Pan Am, Episode Seven

WARNING: Visual spoilers ahead.

Truth or Dare in 1963? No. How could they resort to such an anachronism as a writing shortcut?

Pan Am is one of the shows on the knife edge. It could be canceled tomorrow or run for the entire season.

I hope for a full season, but what frustrates me is that I think the season finale is going to be the day JFK was assassinated. And then we’ll be left with no second season.

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4 responses to “TV: Pan Am, Episode Seven

  1. TJHinNYC

    When I heard the words”Truth or Dare,” I, too, thought, “Wait a second? That doesn’t sound right for 1963.” However, I turned 11 that year, and I distinctly remember playing a game called “Truth or Consequences…Promise or Repeat.” If I recall correctly, it was very much like the “Truth or Dare” game referred to in Epsiode Seven.

    Even if a script writer were aware of the difference, it may have been awkawrd to insert such a long and odd sounding reference when most of the current audience would more easily know the “Truth or Dare” reference.

    • mikecane

      Truth or Consequences was also a popular TV game show. But they used ToD as a writing shortcut, to get to the point, otherwise the scene would have run longer. They packed a lot into that hour.

  2. Jason S.

    The interracial subplot reminded me of Ashley Waters and Ruth Wilson in BBC’s Small Island.

    • mikecane

      They managed to make it plausible only because she mentioned the nude photos at the beginning. Otherwise with someone who has been as straight-laced as she’s been, it would have been unbelievable.

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