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The webOS Whirligig Continues

Exclusive: HP’s Meg Whitman on webOS ‘it’s not obvious exactly what to do here’

Oh dear god.

I want to read into that some hope. I want to think that Whitman has experienced webOS herself and understands the jewel that it is. I want to think that Whitman sees that HP is doomed as a company without webOS. I want to think that Whitman sees the original vision that made HP buy webOS to begin with.

But forget all that. This is business.

And what I think Whitman sees is a multi-billion dollar investment with zero chance of being recouped at any reasonable value from an outside sale.

That’s all I think there is to this.

So while she remains coy about its fate — and where is the November Pivot, huh? — behind the scenes she’s probably paying idiot consultants and banks to drum up interest for a webOS purchase by others at a value she can live with as head of HP.

In other words, she gives as little shit for webOS as that original idiot Apotheker did. She just wants a payday she can live with.

Forget your hope. This is nothing but money.

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Nook Touch Macintosh: An Impossible Dream?

Some tweets exchanged today made me remember that someone got the classic Macintosh OS running on iOS.

That’s on a 320×480 screen. The original Mac had a 342×512 screen, hence the need for scrolling and tapping to fit.

See: Mini vMac for iPhone

That made me wonder, did anyone also get that going on Android?

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Interster: Now On YouTube!

Someone sent me one-hundred and seventy-two(!!!) screensnaps from episode three of Interster.

After all the photo-heavy posts I’ve done, I wasn’t looking forward to the slog of posting those.

Now I don’t have to — because Interster has several full episodes now posted on YouTube!

Why deal with static snaps when all of you can just go see it for real?

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Video: Haunts Of The Very Rich

In the 1970s, TV was more adventurous than today.

ABC, which was always in third place, took plenty of chances to get out of the ratings cellar.

One of these things was the ABC Movie of the Week. It did some very memorable ones!

One of which was the 1972 Haunts of the Very Rich.

I hadn’t seen this since it first aired, I think, way back in 1972. But there it was, complete on YouTube to see again, for free! Would it hold up?

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