Nook Touch Macintosh: An Impossible Dream?

Some tweets exchanged today made me remember that someone got the classic Macintosh OS running on iOS.

That’s on a 320×480 screen. The original Mac had a 342×512 screen, hence the need for scrolling and tapping to fit.

See: Mini vMac for iPhone

That made me wonder, did anyone also get that going on Android?

Someone has begun: Mini vMac for Android and Mac emulation on Android

And here’s a video showing it running on a Samsung Galaxy S:

And gee, you know, the Nook Touch runs on Android too!

So, would it be possible to make a Nook Touch Macintosh?

Before you think that’s so far-fetched, let me remind you of Windows 7 being run on a Nook Touch — of course, this is via VNC remote control, but I think how the Nook handles the windows and other UI elements for Windows might apply to Macintosh too:

Original Macintosh: 68000 Motorola CPU at a blistering 8MHz(!), 128K(!) of RAM, and 512×342 screen

Nook Touch: TI OMAP3621 (ARM Cortex-A8 core, 800MHz), 256MB RAM, and 600×800 screen.

So, who has the skills to make a Nook Touch Macintosh happen?

Or who can say exactly why it cannot be done?


Mini vMac
List of old Macintosh software

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8 responses to “Nook Touch Macintosh: An Impossible Dream?

  1. Shock Me

    I could totally get behind Arkanoids and Continuum running on System 6 for my iPhone 4S but where do I plug the keyboard phone pigtail?

  2. I would be surprised if someone can find a reason why it cannot be done.

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