The webOS Whirligig Continues

Exclusive: HP’s Meg Whitman on webOS ‘it’s not obvious exactly what to do here’

Oh dear god.

I want to read into that some hope. I want to think that Whitman has experienced webOS herself and understands the jewel that it is. I want to think that Whitman sees that HP is doomed as a company without webOS. I want to think that Whitman sees the original vision that made HP buy webOS to begin with.

But forget all that. This is business.

And what I think Whitman sees is a multi-billion dollar investment with zero chance of being recouped at any reasonable value from an outside sale.

That’s all I think there is to this.

So while she remains coy about its fate — and where is the November Pivot, huh? — behind the scenes she’s probably paying idiot consultants and banks to drum up interest for a webOS purchase by others at a value she can live with as head of HP.

In other words, she gives as little shit for webOS as that original idiot Apotheker did. She just wants a payday she can live with.

Forget your hope. This is nothing but money.

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One response to “The webOS Whirligig Continues

  1. At first I misread the last line as “Forget your hope. There is nothing but money.” Written that way, it’s quite profound.

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