Nook Touch 1.1 Rooting Update

This is the best thread to follow for updates about TouchNooter working with Nook Touch 1.1: [N2E] TouchNooter 1.6.24

The TouchNooter author writes:

Seems there’s something else wrong with TouchNooter besides the framework, I’m going to have to rebuild it from the ground up for 1.1 It seems even without framework.jar somethings corrupting system so it won’t boot.

Some bad news, it appears that there may be some sort of signature based protection on files in /system. I’m not sure how to confirm this, but it seems if I replace framework.jar it boot loops, if I modify build.prop without replacing framework.jar it also boot loops. If someone could verify this maybe with noogie? I can add files to /system/ but any modifications to an existing /system/ file causes a boot loop from what I can tell.

Although others continue to experiment and someone at Mobileread declares success.

I still think it’s best to wait for TouchNooter. It’s the best and easiest method. Those more technically-inclined can root a 1.1 Nook Touch today using the more time-intensive and challenging Nook Devs method.

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