New TouchNooter: 1.11.11

Rooting the Nook Touch with version 1.1 using TouchNooter is now possible — to a degree:

[N2E][1.1] TouchNooter 1.11.11 – Without Gapps

What it does:

Enables ADB via uRamdisk
Installs su and Superuser.apk
Installs Busybox
Installs Button Savior
Installs Go Launcher
Installs NookColor Tools (To Enable Non-Market Installs)


November 11, 2011 –
Removed: Gapps so it works on 1.1

This is a version of TouchNooter that will not include Google Apps. So, among other things, no GMail and no Android Market. For now.

Still, this will do all the rest and is a better method of rooting than the more technically-challenging and time-intensive Nook Devs method.

Meanwhile, Gabrial, author of TouchNooter, will continue trying to get the Google Apps working.

For now, this is good enough if you were waiting to buy a Nook Touch for rooting.

And why has there been a problem? Barnes & Noble changed something:

The reason TouchNooter can’t do it is because to get the script to run requires the system to boot, replacing the files while the system is active will cause the system to crash when you go to reboot it to complete the steps for Market.

Really, Barnes & Noble should be encouraging rooting, not making it harder. Rooting might not increase book sales for them, but the more people see Nook Touch out there being used, the more they will think about getting one too. Especially if they see one that’s been rooted.


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11 responses to “New TouchNooter: 1.11.11

  1. Rick Friedlander

    I have been following rooting nst threads and spent many hours trying to understand what to do. I tried to boot my new (Nov 1,2011) v1.0.1 nst with noogie in order to make a backup image and got stuck at rooted forever. All I want is to run cool reader in landscape mode- nothing else. What do I need to do to get that functionality? I already have a Toshiba Thrive 32gig for everything else.. I read epubs on nst and as long as I can transfer them from pc to nst I will be happy. I have wi-fi off and am still running 1.0.1. Any thoughts? Many thanks.

    • mikecane

      AFAIK, sometimes the rooting process tends to look stuck at the Rooting Forever screen. But if you let it stay there for 5-10 minutes then reboot, it should reboot into Android. I don’t have a Nook Touch yet, but this is what I’ve read in several threads.

    • Kralik

      noogie.img is supposed to leave you at the “Rooting Forever” screen and make the nook filesystem open to you so you can make a backup. The main reason to use it (other than backing up or restoring) is to modify uRamdisk so that you can use adb over wireless and manually install programs / make tweaks one at a time.

  2. Rick Friedlander

    Oh, and one more thing- Don’t expect much cooperation from BN. They are not computer-savvy. I grew up in NYC and BN was a small used-textbook shop back then that all college students loved. But they have failed miserably (much like ATT) in the computing world. I have had dealings with them (the ceo went to CCNY as did I). I still have a hard time understanding how a book company would be so dumb about computers.

  3. Rick Friedlander

    Mike, my fear is that I will wind up bricking my nst. The irony of bricking my new nst at the backup point before I even try to root it is not lost on me. When I saw the rooted forever screen- apparently locked up (and I couldn’t even tell if it was on or off) i was stunned. I sat there looking at $140 down the drain. I have a lot of computer experience (systems analyst for 22 years) but have never broken anything that I couldn’t fix.
    Can you reassure me that at least running noogie won’t brick my nst?
    Many thanks.

  4. Rick Friedlander

    Thanks for those links- actually I have read them before. I guess the question still left unanswered in my mind is how could anything done in software put hardware in an unbootable state? If serial number etc is wiped can’t a factory reset fix that? And if partition tables are whacked can’t a boot from sdcard with qparted or whatever recreate the partitions and then do a factory reset? I was a Unix admin on a big IBM machine and can’t relate to killing hardware thru software. Your thoughts?

    • mikecane

      Software can become so corrupted that, yes, it’s entirely possible to brick a Nook Touch — or even a phone — when rooting.

      Do you need the Android Market? If not, go with TouchNooter 1.1. I’ve never heard of TouchNooter bricking a Nook Touch.

    • Kralik

      If your boot partition gets corrupted, you won’t be able to do a factory restore. Parts of the rooting process *do* modify that partition (/boot), so it’s worth taking the time to make a backup. Also, you may find that after (re)rooting you have some issues and it’s nice to have to way to go back to the way things were before if you get tired of it and want to throw in the towel.

      That said, there are many users now who have successfully rooted 1.1.0 with 1.6.24 and have a working Market. It is quite doable.

  5. Rick Friedlander

    Tried again no luck. win32imaged noogie.img on sdcard ok. Booted from sdcard with usb cable attached and got windows “found new hardware”. Mounted nook ok. Didn’t see 7 partitions per instructions- ran win32image and wound up with .img file 1,911,735 KB which the wrong file size according to which says should be 1958739968 bytes- about 40 mbyte difference. what software shows 7 partitions?
    Don’t think I should have seen “found new hardware”. Something is not right. Any ideas?

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