TV: Pan Am, Episode Eight

WARNING: Visual spoilers ahead.

I must object! This was a night flight and they opened with the day flight logo! They should have used this:

Right, on to the episode:

This episode made me fall completely in love with the series. It was absolutely perfect.

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3 responses to “TV: Pan Am, Episode Eight

  1. Bill Hough

    I’m no expert in Haiti history, so I looked it up in wikipedia, a non-authoritative source. The paragraph that covers the period in question reads:

    “The Kennedy administration suspended aid in 1961, after allegations that Duvalier had pocketed aid money and intended to use a Marine Corps mission to strengthen the Macoutes. Duvalier also clashed with Dominican President Juan Bosch in 1963, after Bosch provided aid and asylum to Haitian exiles working to overthrow his regime. He ordered the Presidential Guard to occupy the Dominican chancery in Pétionville to apprehend an officer involved in a plot to kidnap his children, leading Bosch to publicly threaten to invade Haiti. However, the Dominican army, which distrusted Bosch’s leftist leanings, expressed little support for an invasion, and the dispute was settled by OAS emissaries.”

    I’m guessing that Clipper Majestic diverted into PAP while the aforementioned Duvalier-Bosch conflict was going on. According to this entry, the aircraft would have landed at Bowen Field, as the current airport didn’t open till 1965:

    For a modern perspective on international aviation, get a copy of the Jan/Feb 2010 issue of Airliners magazine, which covered the post earthquake relief airlift into PAP:

    As for MIA, they tried to get it right, although the brown sky is annoying. Here’s what MIA actually looked like in 1964:

    Note the distinctive light poles MIA was noted for back then.

  2. Bill Hough

    Here’s what “Jet Clipper Majestic” really looked like when it arrived in FRG for the filming:

    Jet Clipper Majestic is the world’s most amazing and magical 707. Morphs from a JT4A 707-321 (CGI) to a JT3D 707-138B(Q) and back again. Shoots glowing orange fire from the engine exhausts. Lands on “visual approach” at night through storm, no ground or runway contact until at 200 feet. Maintains full interior power and comfort and starts its engines without any external electric or pneumatic source. Summons and connects external boarding stairs without human help. Expels luggage from lower hold onto ramp area in random pattern. Teleports itself from damaged runway, short of crater, to creepy hangar ramp, then again teleports out to runway, no actual taxiing needed. And its four 1963-era turbojet engines, even while running at “burn fuel” thrust, are still so quiet that people can have normal volume conversations while standing next to it.

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