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Occupy Wall Street: The Signal


They did something like that in the early days near Liberty Plaza. I wish they had kept doing it. It’s brilliant. Like the Bat Signal.

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Occupy Wall Street: TheOther99

I spent near eight hours today watching the live Ustream coverage from @TheOther99.

This is him:

Live streaming video from events just puts the “mainstream media” to shame. The “mainstream” lumber around with a spokesmodel and someone carrying a girnomous camera and lack the nimbleness of one-person live streamers with smaller equipment. Why they don’t have similar setups just for the Internet is beyond me.

Anyway, I was amazed by the coverage, which was done via a cellphone. My mind staggers. What kind of cellphone plan has such bandwidth allowance? What phone was used? What about powering it?

This is something I think everyone would be interested in knowing. As we’ll see in the months ahead, news will degrade to panicked press releases from failing governments and the only way to find out the truth will be via the Internet and nimble one-person live streams.

Update, November 12, 2011: After 16 hours on air at Wall Street protests, a Ustream star is born

He’s using a Samsung Galaxy S2 on Sprint’s 4G network to stream video, using the onboard camera and microphone to record, and connecting the phone to a small but powerful backup battery. If you want to know, it’s an “Energi to Go” 18,000 battery produced by Energizer which provides 18,000 milliamp hours (roughly 10 cell phone charging cycles).

Ah, so it’s Sprint! I suspected that, but needed confirmation. So, wow, Sprint really is unlimited bandwidth!

I wonder if an iPhone 4s could do the job just as well? Can anyone point me to iPhone-originated live video streams?

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