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Occupy Wall Street: Still NOT Winning

I would laugh if this wasn’t so deeply tragic.

The Egyptian trip was brought up on November 11th.

Apparently this New York group is so delusional, they believe they’re like a nation unto themselves and should send “ambassadors” to Egypt to teach them how to run a free and fair election. Update: See Comment. Their presence was requested. That still doesn’t alter the fact they have people here needing help first.

This from a group that failed achieving the one goal they were supposed to get done.

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Occupy Wall Street: The People’s Library


Since the eviction of Occupy Wall Street, my tweetstream has been filled with outrage over the destruction of The People’s Library.

I have just one simple question.

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Occupy Wall Street: Finished?

Why did it fail?

Look at that poster.

Look at the red headline in that poster.

What does it mean? Anything?


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Occupy Wall Street: The 18th

The New York Times:

200 Are Arrested as Protesters Clash With the Police

At a Midtown gathering of business leaders on Thursday, Mr. Bloomberg said that the protests were a dire sign of the public’s economic fears.

“The public is getting scared,” he said. “They don’t know what to do, and they’re going to strike out.” He added, “They just know the system isn’t working, and they don’t want to wait around.”

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

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