Occupy Wall Street: Liberty Plaza

All photos taken today, Saturday, November 19, 2011 between 7:10-7:40AM. Resized and resampled to VGA. Click any to enlarge.

These are all except for maybe four photos, which didn’t come out well. Photos are posted in the order they were taken.

The Occupy storage space now has this in its window:

I don’t know why. Do they?

Liberty Plaza is completely surrounded by new barricades, probably purchased by Brookfield. There is only one way to enter, on the Liberty Street side — and if you’re not careful, you can even miss that entrance. They are not encouraging people to enter.

Brookfield security (yellow vests) was out in force. There were also some Brookfield sanitation (orange vests). They were very few NYPD. The two surveillance units remain in place. As you’ll see, there were also a few Occupiers.

I didn’t give a shit who recognized me. I went in and took the pictures I wanted. Fuck fear.

That was the only placard anywhere. I’m surprised Brookfield and NYPD let it stay.

Here are the hardcore Occupiers …

… cropped-zoom …

… it was cold and windy and you had to be hardcore to be out there in that Plaza, on the cold stone, at that hour. Me, I had to be in the area. If I had a choice, I would have been home, warm, inside.

What you can’t see is that there’s one person in a black coat who has duct-taped words on his back: OWS FOR LIFE.

And I have no idea what’s up with that umbrella. It wasn’t raining. And if he or she thinks that will prevent surveillance, forget it. Everyone in that area has been captured and databased — including me, I’m sure. All those photographers with good cameras who passed through? Some of them were NYPD Intel, I’d bet.

Closer pic of the bit of spray paint I saw Eviction Day morning:

They must have dome some more scrubbing. It’s hardly there.

I’d forgotten all about how pigeons would visit:

A bit of paint still here:

Another crop-zoom of the hardcore:

That’s a hella lotta barricades …

… they’ve already got the entire Plaza inside a double ring of barricades. Do they intend to triple-up?

The Burger King View:

Back to ground level:

Some people have argued with me about the destruction of the Liberty Plaza plants, saying it’s the end of the year and those plants would be dead anyway. No. Here’s the plant bed right across the street:

That NYPD surveillance unit:

It was probably capturing me while I was capturing it.

No TV trucks, but the NYPD Mobile Communications Command Center remains:

Crop-zoom of the hardcore:

And no longer any TV trucks at all:

I don’t think Liberty Plaza can ever be re-occupied. Even trying it on a holiday would be unsuccessful. There will always be those willing to do holiday duty as security for triple-time pay. I don’t think we’ll ever see another occupation like that anywhere in Manhattan.

Take the “occupy” out of “Occupy Wall Street” — and Wall Street wins. Again.

Utter disgrace.

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3 responses to “Occupy Wall Street: Liberty Plaza

  1. What is that what thing on the left in OWS111911045? It looks like an observation tower!

    • mikecane

      Yep, it is. And it’s been at Liberty Plaza for quite some time. NYPD has several of those. One of them is deployed in my hood from time to time. I first saw it 2-3 years ago and it shocked the shit out of me. Police should be on the ground, knowing the people they’re supposed to police. That’s how policing used to be. It changed in the 1970s, with cops basically being an occupying army traveling around in cars, not knowing who the hell they were dealing with — and the public not personally knowing any cop. Hell, when I was a kid I knew the local beat cop! There are no more beat cops.

  2. Nathanael

    Don’t be depressed. Perhaps Liberty Plaza will be re-occupied, perhaps somewhere else will… but I guarantee you, and this is a 100% guarantee, that you will see another occupation like this in Manhattan within the next 13 months.

    Why? Because the powerful are still causing *the same damned problems*. They really could have ended all this by restoring some measure of justice and providing everyone with jobs, but they just won’t do it. Which means protests can only get larger, and can never get smaller.

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