Occupy Wall Street: Occuposers

Occupy Wall Street protesters stay at $700-a-night hotel

It’s the only room I could find.

Really? How hard did he look?

On the Bowery in Chinatown is a hotel that costs a fraction of that. I’ve stayed there when I’ve had to be overnight in the city. It has toilets and showers outside of the rooms, in the common hallways, that everyone has to share. Was such an accommodation beneath him? Who does he think he is? The Normal 99% can’t afford a five-hundred-dollar-a-night room like that!

It is an expensive hotel. Whatever.

And that smug and dismissive “whatever” precisely sums up the entirety of Occupy Wall Street.

A bunch of one-percenters at the top of it manipulating the suffering Normal 99% for their own ends.

Occupiers told The Post that they witnessed other General Assembly and group leaders stay in both the W Downtown and the Marriott Hotel — and said that key players were not present when cops stormed Zuccotti.

Their latest claim is that just about everything in the mainstream media is a lie, including — reported by more than one outlet — the meeting the Deputy Mayor set up with them to try to bring some order to Liberty Plaza.

But, you know, whatever:

Fighting for the truth is hard. Let’s just go marching instead!

You phony!

Now onto the photos.

All photos taken today, Sunday, November 20, 2011 between 6:40-7:10AM and then again at 7:35-7:40AM. Resized and resampled to VGA. Click any to enlarge.

These are all but one of the photos I took.

A through-glass look at their storage space:

The New York City streetlights dimmed at 6:30. But the lights in Liberty Plaza were still on:

There were Occuposers there:


The lights are pretty even in the morning:

There were maybe twenty Brookfield security and NYPD presence was around ten, an increase for NYPD from yesterday.

Some dimwit apparently brought bins, thinking they’d be let in. They were not:

Cropped-zoom of the Occuposers:

How are they going to feel seeing that NY Post article today? How is that going to be explained to them?

Do you know that when companies donated buildings to Mother Theresa’s charity, she insisted that the carpets be ripped up and removed, leaving the bare floor? She understood what it meant to truly be in the Normal 99% and didn’t want luxury surrounding, interfering with, or scandalizing her work.

But, you know, whatever! There’s marching and chanting to be done by all those people who traveled to this city and are now sleeping in churches!

The NYPD Mobile Communications Command Center remains:

My sympathies to the NYPD having to listen to the talking happening in that Plaza. If anyone knows the truth, they must. And they must be laughing their Normal 99% working-class asses off at the naiveté of those who have been snookered there.

About an hour later …

Cropped-zoom of the Occuposers:

Some of them were sitting there wrapped in blankets, with one of them under a blanket in a sleeping position. Brookfield is apparently exercising a bit of leniency. But hey, whatever, because some of the leaders can afford five-hundred-dollar-a-night hotel rooms — and don’t have to go through that ordeal for themselves!

But hey, Solidarity Forever! Whatever!

I hate the Right and the Left. That’s why I voted for Nader.

But I’ve always had a particular disgust with the hypocrisy of the Left. And the opening NY Post article encapsulates exactly why: Limousine Liberalism lives.

It was clear from the placards in that Plaza that the hardcore imbecilic Left was at the heart of this. The hardcore Left has been rejected time and again by the Normal 99% of America. The hardcore Left turns everyone into a victim or a member of a group and cuts people off at the knees, sabotaging any attempt they might have at gaining any real self-esteem or functioning autonomy.

I hate Ayn Rand, but the wisest thing she ever said was this: “The smallest minority is the individual.”

The hardcore Left refuses to ever recognize that minority.

But, you know, whatever!

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9 responses to “Occupy Wall Street: Occuposers

  1. Are you serious? Yeah, some people involved in the movement don’t sleep in the park. I, for instance, live in Brooklyn. OH NOES! SCANDAL!

    These folks are a tiny minority of the participants and their wealth doesn’t matter. The fact that they stayed in an expensive hotel room that they themselves paid for has nothing to do with anything. Grow up and get a life.

  2. OMG, have you ever stayed at the Sun Bright? I crashed there a couple times when I was first starting out…

    /Then the Chelsea
    //Then Union Square/Murray Hill
    ///These days, I usually stay in L.I.C., just ‘cuz I hit Midtown and Greenpoint, and cabs are a bitch.

    • mikecane

      No, this was once called Hotel Pioneer. It’s since been taken over by the Sohotel chain and then began an upgrade that started with jacking up the room rates despite no renovations at the time! Haven’t been there in quite some time. But I’d use it again if I needed to. Another I used waaaay back in the 80s was Hotel 17, I think it was called. Not sure if it even still exists. So many got out of hoteling into the less-hassle hostel business.

  3. Bill Hough

    Cane: “I hate the Right and the Left.”

    Than you might agree with that “neo-Nazi” Sarah Palin when she wrote Friday in the Wall Street Journal, “the corruption isn’t confined to one political party or just a few bad apples. It’s an endemic problem encompassing leadership on both sides of the aisle. It’s an entire system of public servants feathering their own nests.”

    Read more at the Washington Examiner: http://washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/editorials/2011/11/washington-conducts-public-business-private-gain?utm_source=11/20:%20Opinion%20Digest%20-%2011/20/2011&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Washington%20Examiner:%20Opinion%20Digest#ixzz1eGpTaYf5

    • mikecane

      Who wrote that for her? She obviously doesn’t believe it. It’s marketing.

      • Bill Hough

        I have no reason to believe she doesn’t believe it. Do you have something to back that up, or it it just a Nader supporter mouthing off. And what’s this nonsense about Nader being neither right nor left? He’s about as left as they come.

      • mikecane

        Sure: Why the hell didn’t she ever say it BEFORE NOW. Anyone with real core values will state those values over and over and over again, because messages take a very long time to sink in. She never had a message other than some scatterbrained uneducated mouthings that horrified anyone with a brain.

        Yeah, Nader a leftist. I guess you don’t ever use that seat belt that he’s responsible for? And do you decry those airbags too?

  4. Bill Hough


    “Unsafe at Any Speed was rife with inaccuracies. Although automobile fatalities were indeed rising at the time of the book’s publication, so too was America’s driving-age population and the number of cars in use. Controlling for these variables, auto fatality rates actually had been declining steadily for a number of years; in 1965 those rates were half of what they had been in the 1920s. Nor was the Corvair itself “unsafe at any speed,” as a Congressional investigation would determine in 1972. This finding was corroborated by a 1972 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study that examined the 1960-1963 Corvair models which Nader had targeted with his criticisms, and found them to be at least as safe as other comparable car models sold in those years.”

    As for the specific issue of seat belts, they are a wonderful safety device, but the government forcing us to wear them is just another unwelcome intrusion into our lives. We don’t need the nanny state telling us what to do all the time.

    Back to Nader: “A staunch enemy of free trade, especially as epitomized by institutions like the World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund, Nader contends that the greatest threat to American democracy is posed not by rogue states or Islamic terrorists but by the institution of free-market capitalism. In his 2004 book The Good Fight, he writes that “[o]ur beloved country is being taken over by large multinational commercial powers.” Moreover, he rails against “the widening corporatization” of the media, universities, political parties, and law firms.”

    Sounds just like the fleabaggers at Zuccotti Park.

    Look, you can vote for whoever you wish, but if you write “But I’ve always had a particular disgust with the hypocrisy of the Left” and turn around and support Nader then I’m going to call BS. “Though he denounces moneyed interests, Nader himself has a long record of financial ties to powerful and wealthy trial lawyers. He claims to subsist on a meager annual income (as recently as 1990 he placed the figure at $15,000), but he reportedly commands five-figure speaking fees, resides in a $1.5 million townhouse, and commonly stays at luxury hotels.”

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